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Catchin’ Waves Cheats

Catchin’ Waves

To get lots of money on catchin’ waves:
Submitted by: CASHY XVI

2. Go to the Cove
3. Go on Catchin’ waves
5. Go well ahead of the wave
6. Do some flips

Viol, Now you have wads of MONEY

When you first start, you’ll see two choices: Freestyle and Competition. Freestyle
is good for beginners, but I prefer Competition. Competition also tends to get you
more coins, because you’re being judged, and the more you impress the judges, the
better you do.

The basics are that you use your mouse to steer. So, if you move your mouse up and down,
the surfing penguin will follow it. Move your mouse to the right to speed up, and to the
left to slow down.

To jump, move your mouse up over the wave. The penguin, of course, will jump in the air
above the wave!! To do a flip, simply move your mouse in a small, fast circle… but keep
it above the wave.

To steady yourself when coming back down into the wave after a jump, hold down the left
button on your mouse. (This is commonly referred to as the grind)

If you begin to lose balance, slow down, or better yet, move your mouse behind your

Here are the tricks you can perform:
~Shooting the tube- get close to the wave, but not too close, or you’ll crash
~Spin moves- press either W, A, S, D (or if you don’t want to use those keys then use the
arrow keys) while in midair
~Ice Breaker- A+W or left+up
~Coastal kick- A+D or left+right
~Lazy Wave- W+S or up+down
~Blender- D+S or right+down
~Backstand- A+S or left+down
~Surf Fever- W+D or up+right

Submitted by: jasminebear4

If you take your red puffle well you dont have to but I do it well what whatever and put
on dark-blue you can go faster in catch’n waves.you can find me on rainbow o I forgot to
tell you taht my penguin name is Jasminebear4 so see you on rainbow.

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