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Cave Crawler Cheats

Cave Crawler

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat the Boss (Level 5):
Written by Q1Gonchi1P

-=Guide to Defeat the Boss=-
Keep Your Distance
The boss can easily spam its laser thing and kill you if you are careless,
thus keeping distance is essential to not dying. If possible try to be on the
other side of the screen at all times.

-=Spam Click=-
There is no way you will hit the boss when it jumps, so when it is in the
ground just click/tap as fast as you can and its health bar will deplete
extremely quickly.

Every couple of seconds, the boss jumps, with a brief “preparing” frame/
animation. This is when the boss slightly ducks and then leaps towards you.
When this occurs, quickly run underneath it in order to avoid it and keep

If you correctly keep distance, this should not be a problem. Every time
the boss shoots its lasers, jump as to avoid them.

That’s about it. Keep distance, jump lasers, run underneath and spam your
gun. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward boss so it shouldn’t take
more than a couple of attempts at most. At the end of the day this is a
10 minute or so game so yeah.

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