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Challenge Speedball Cheats

Challenge Speedball

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick Start Guide and Key Mappings:
Written by Bucksoft91

Here is a Quick Start guide and Key Mappings for Challenge Speedball.

-=Challenge Speedball Quick Start=-
Players will begin alone in the Lobby. A player can access the main menu by pressing
[M] at any time. A Player may host a game or join a game.

-=Hosting a Game=_
* Host will choose…
* Number of Players
* Play over LAN or Internet
* The length of the game
* The field to play on (1 of 3)
* Team to play on (Red or Blue)

-=Finding A Game
* When Joining a game player must choose…
* LAN or Internet.
* Game that is open (looking for players)
* Team to play on (Red or Blue)

-=Starting a game
* Only the Host can begin the game when…
* There are even number of players on both sides.
* There can be less players than specified by the host but
* There must be an even number of players on Red team and Blue team.

-=Once the game begins…
* Each player will be at their Home Base.
* The timer will countdown 10 seconds to begin the game.
* During the countdown the player cannot move and must remain at Home Base

-=Game play
* Once the game begins you may freely move to any part of the field.
* The object of the game is to eliminate all players on the opposing team.
* A team may also win by reaching the opposing team’s Home Base.
* When a player is marked (hit with a paint ball) they will be transported outside the fence, to wait until the game is over.
* Each player has 10 pods of 100 paint balls, as well as 100 paint balls in their Marker (gun).

-=Game Over
* A game will be over when…
* All players from one team have been eliminated.
* A team has reached the other teams Home Base.
* The game time has run out and both teams are still playing.

* A team that eliminates all opposing team members, or reaches opposing teams Home Base will receive 5 points.
* If both teams survive the game duration, then both teams receive 1 point.

-=Play again
* Once a game is over, the Host may restart the game.
* Players may all stay and play again or they may leave.
* New players may join the game.
* Players may change teams.
* If the Host leaves then the game must be re-hosted.

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