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Championship Manager Season 2001/2002 Cheats

Championship Manager Season 2001/2002

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Clarksa

ALWAYS buy Arjen Robben:
He starts off at Grongiden and gets transfered to PSV straight away so
you can’t get him straight away but when he goes to PSV BUY HIM. He is a
star and gets to be the best midfielder on the game.

Here are some good young players for the future:
Submitted by: Mohamed Mustaine

Chris Stringer GK (Sheffiield Wednesday)
Richard Jones RB (Southampton)
Joleon Lescott CD (Wolves)
Izzy Iriekpen CD (West Ham)
Philippe Mexes CD (Auxerre)
Niko Kranjcar FW (NK Dinamo)
Landon Donovan FW (San Jose Earthquakes)
Cherno Samba ST (Millwall)

Submitted by: Mohamed Mustaine

Buy Lee Chun-Soo from Korea University for about 350K.
When he is bought to a european club (I play using Liverpool),
his transfer value will increase to about 8,000,000! Sell him
to make some cash! Or since he is young, give him some time to
settle…he’ll turn out to be an average midfielder.

I’ll give you three names for young strikers:
Submitted by: CM Veteran

Emanuel Calaiò, Torino
Colins Osunwa, Nationale
China, Naval

These gyus are young when the game starts, but give them 2-3 years and they
are massive! And they’re dirt cheap when the game starts, so go buy them!

Win all your important games and buy any player you want:
Submitted by: Tahsin Noor,
email : the_icarus88[at]hotmail.com
site : www.arsenalextreme.tk

When you are playing a game, click add manager and select the club you are going
to play against (a day before the game) or the player you want to buy. When you
have joined that club, select the player you want to buy and discipline for no
reason a lot of times. Also make his confidence go lower by lowering his squad
status to “not needed”. Then go back to your club and approach to buy the player
with any fee you want. The player will have to agree to your demands and viola:
he’s yours. If you want to win a game, then join the club you are playing against
(1 day before that game) and then select the worst players in that team and drag
the goalkeeper from his position into the defence from the tactics menu.
Play the game and you will win by a minimum of 10 goals!

Submitted by: Rancer

Find Abgar Barsom and buy him for at least 200k and you will be
guaranteed at least 20 goals from him and at least 30 assists.

Submitted by: Aren C

* If you want the real players,the better,the best…better buy this players!

* Chris Carruthers-Northampton-scores more than 30 goals a season and only 17
yrs..he’s a central midfield

* Alain Masudi Ekakanga-No Club
A very good scorer!!! set him as a playmaker and your team will score 5 or
more goals a game.

* Alan Tate-Man Utd
lets just say combination of Nesta,Cannavaro,Ferdinand,Stam,

* Zlatan Ibrahimovic-Ajax
A always present scorer infron of goal and always scores a hatrick!!!

Submitted by: john banks
E-mail: john.banks1[at]blueyonder.co.uk

best youngsters to buy are these ones,sorry cant remember all their teams.

mark kerr-falkirk
phillipe mexes-auxerre
leandro cufre-parma
tieme klompe-herenveen
mikel arteta-barcelona
van der vaart
van bommel
almost all the dutch under 21 squad

I’ll show you how i won three champions leagues!
Submitted by Pedro Miguel Simões Oliveira, T.Vedras Portugal
E-mail: pedro_m_oliveira[at]hotmail[dot]com

Franco Costanzo (River Plate, goalkeeper)
Taribo West (no team, left back)
Mariusz Kukielka (center back)
Mariusz Pawlak (center back)
Idrissa Keita (right back)
Bernard Diomede (Liverpool, left medium)
Guardiola (no team, defensive medium)
Karim Essidiri (right medium)
Djorkaeff (Kaiserslautern, left center attacker)
Arkadiusz Bak (Polonia, Right center attacker) For me this is the best player.
Mario Jardel (Sporting, Striker)

Mariusz Liberda (Polonia, goalkeeper)
Jacek Bak (center back)
Arkadiusz Kaliszan (center back)
Zbigniew Grzybowski (left medium)
Arkadiusz Klimek (striker)
Djibril Diawara (defensive medium)
Matthew Williams (Manchester Utd, striker)
Philkippe Mexes (center back)

I played with Sporting Clube De Portugal, with this players and others
that i can’t remember now, and i won three consecutive champions leagues,
portuguese championships andeuropeans cups!!!! Try Also I played with: 4-3-2-1

Submitted by: Sezam
Buy player Niko Kranjcar. He plays in Croatian club Dinamo. he is 17 years
old, and he will be great player. his future is in barelona or liverpool.

Submitted by: Roberto Posavec

Buy player Marcus Allback. He play i Henerveren (sweden).
He is great striker.
He score 6 goals i one game.
5 by head and one penalty

Hint: Quick money:
Submitted by: dev

Buy any player from a Finland, Sweden, or Asian club. Let him play five
consecutive matches. Sub him in the sixth match at the 60th min. Fine
him for a week after the match, then release him on a free after that.
You will have at least £1 million extra. This works only for English,
Italian , and Spanish clubs. Note: The player you buy cannot be on a
free transfer. He should cost at least £1,000. For a German club, simply
sell any ten players on your team within a week and you will get at least
£20 million extra (free transfer is allowed).

Submitted by: Joseph Johnny

Buy Christian Chivu from Ajax and Mirel Radoi from Steaua because
they are young and very good defenders!

Best player in cm 2001/2002:
Submitted by: d_ventola

try to buy these players
Diego Tristan (Very good Striker)
Franco Costanzo (Best Young Goalkepeer)
Alan Smith (Goal Machine)
sebastian mendez (very good defender)
Marco Materazzi (very good defender)
ludovic giuly (good midfield)

The best players on Cm is:
Submitted by: Fragola

gk-Marcus Proll
dl-Roberto carlos
mc-vaan der vaart
fc- vucinic

Some of this players is not look really good but belive me this players
is the best on cm.

Submitted by: Ben fellows

Buy peter crouch from portsmouth put him up frount when about to start
the game right click his name tell him to man mark the goal keeper of
the other team and he scores loads of goals i am arsenal and he scored
6 in 1 game.

some of the best cheap players around:
Submitted by: Micky

Stefan Selakovic , Mike Duff , Pedrag Djordevic , Kevin Kyle ,
Cherno Samba , Steven Reid , Taribo West Christoffer andersson ,
petter hansson , andreas isaksson , holovko(dynamo kiev) ,
ashley lythe and joe dolan.

Submitted by: Chewy

Buy Santa cruz from bayern m for £22m cos he’s young and he can play
anywhere upfront also he scorers loads….

Buy Totti from Roma for £42m cos he’s one of the best players in the game
and he scores loads…. of goals. I’m real madrid and I’ve got totti and
i’ve played him in 3 games and he’s got 11 goals.He scored 6 in one match.

Submitted by: rich

Buy these players and they will be quality
Bryan Hughes
Richard Czepek (good shooter) watch out kids

There is the best striker on CM :
Submitted by: DIAN GANTENG

maxim tsigalko
arjen robben
jesper hakansson
haruna babangida
vitaly kutuzov
jimmy davis
kim kalstrom
antonius voulgaris
kaba samura
david prutton
ravael van de vart
van der may de
and the best striker in the world :

Players to look for:
Submitted by: Simon

1. Hugo Pinhero (Best keeper on the game after one season)
2. Tommy Jonsson (Consistent defender)
3. Taribo West (Great player on a free)
4. Adam Thwaites (Young and talented)
5. Joleon Lesscott (Best defender in the world after 2006)
6. Kiegan Parker (Scores and creates goals)
7. Mads Bierholm (Brilliant after 2006)
8. Edilson (Scores tonnes of goals)
9. Paul Bosvelt (Old but class)
10. Mido (Brilliant, genius and a great player)
11. Djibrill Cisse (Guarentees you at least 25 a season after 2004)

Submitted by: Simon

Look for a player called Hugo Pinhero who plays for Marinhese and he is a
goalkeeper. He turns out to be one of the best players on the game.

Submitted by: woodsy

I started the italian league first and took over roma and what i found was
in years to come antonio cassano became one of the best italian strikers.

Submitted by: Harry

If you start new season, buy Amokachi (He currently “No Club” status),
and Taribo West. Both of them has a very good skill. Try to approach Mateja
Kezman from PSV, at the first he is not a good striker, but after 10-15 games,
you will see the miracle from him.

Excellent kepper:
Submitted by: Chris

If your looking for an excellent keeper then buy Dionis Chiotis from AEK.
He’s better than Barthez, Buffon, Kahn well…every keeper in the game.
He may not look good at first but after a season you wont get ant better.
By the way, you can get for as little as £250,000.

Recommended Players: (Use ‘Find Players):
Submitted by: Sue Viccars

Casas (Betis)
Quintana (Murcia)
Elmander (Feyernoord)
Proll (Koln)
Donati (Milan)
PreuB (Frankfurt)
Grammozis (Kaiserlautern)
Farnerud (x2 – Monaco/Landsdronka)
Tiago (Goias)
Isaksson (Djurgarden)
Huntelaar (PSV)
Marquinho (PSV)
Minorelli (Torino)
Prutton (Notts Forrest)
Zauri (Atalanta)
Holovko (Dinamo Kiev)
Bakircioglu (Hammarby)
Possanzini (Sampdoria)
Toni (Brescia)
Rossini (Atalanta)
Baltacha (St Mirren)

Submitted by: Raven 24

Buy Defoe form West Ham and keep him on your Reserves team for a few years, then
in 2005 put him on your first team and it will take about 5 games but after that
he will be unstopable.

Submitted by: Natalie
Email: nat5502859@aol.com

Kennedy Bakircioglu
Emmanuel Osei Kuffour
Ledley King
Ashley Lythe
Jay Jay Okocha
Paul Keegan
Nabil Abidallah
Luis Garcia
John Miles

They might not appear good at first but after a few games they are fantastic.

Good players:
Submitted by: marko pirija
E-mail: markopirija@net.hr

-Sergio Valentin Pachon(Valladolid)
-P.A.Guede(best at 2005)
-Saviola(goal machine)
-Patrick Kluivert(he will give 20-30goals in one season)
-Jankauskas(Real Sociedad)
-Buffon(good goalkeaper)
-H.J.Crespo(goal machine3)

Submitted by: marko pirija
E-mail: markopirij[at]net.hr

When you are playing with your club,(for example Real Madrid), go to Game
Settings,than click on Add Manager,write your name,password….,pick the
team you wan’t to be his manager,you will see TAKE CONTROL click on that,
and you are now manager of two clubs!!!.

Good striker:
Submitted by: edo
E-mail: ermin.kvrgic[at]zg.hinet.hr

Joao Paiva is very good striker.Mark Kerr will become one of the best
right midelfilders.Rafael van der Vaart is a very good player.

Good striker:
Submitted by: pero
E-mail: ermin.kvrgic[at]zg.hinet.hr

Good striker is Adel Fourier in year 2010.
Luke Chadwick is a very good player,he plays in Manchester

Submitted by: Harry
E-mail: Hary_sinchan[at]yahoo.com

If you’re playing until 2008, buy “Cherno Samba” he is a good signing.
He currently playing in Millwal and his future transfer is to Liverpool.

Look for Szymkowiak(Good Player),
Submitted by: Fábio Garrido Arruda
E-mail: ValdoGarrido@iol.pt

Bakircioglu, Amokachi(when you start a new season),
and Magnus Hedman.

Submitted by: Fábio Garrido Arruda
E-mail: ValdoGarrido@iol.pt

Look for Khatibi He Plays in Pirouzi(Iran). He doesn’t look a good player
but you’ll see the results; Look for Essidiri(Recomended)

William Coates, Submitted the following Information:
Email: williamcoates820@hotmail.com


Play only second half of season:
Select the nation of the team you wish to manage and USA as foreground
leagues at the start. When selecting the start season, choose USA and
allow the game to load. When selecting your team, change the nation on
the pop down menu to that of the team you wish to manage, and select
your team. You will now take control of the team in mid-January, with
the first half of the season simulated.

Finding good players:
Enter the “/cm0102/editor/” folder and run the cm0102ed.exe file to start
the game editor. Use it to open your data file, which should be in the
“/cm0102/data” folder. Use the filter to find any player who has ability
over 180. These players are very good but usually are very expensive and
famous. However, some of them are not — for example, some players from
South America. You can use filter to find any player with potential over
180. Some of them, especially the younger ones, are not expensive and will
develop into very good players in a few years.

E-mail: william@rowsell.net
Submitted by: will rowsell

Take over a team then retire right away it will probably say, “no human
managers left in the game click add manager to continue.” leave it like
this overnight or as long as you want and the game will play itself when
you see it in the morning it might be years into the the future!

Scout report:
Submitted by: nightraider

Click on any player. Click on the “Action” button in the top right.
Next, click on the “Set Nickname” option and enter one of the following

Oliver Collyer
Paul Collyer
Paul Norman
Kevin Turner
Marc Duffy
Svein Kvernoey
Mark Woodger

Once entered, click “OK” then click “Action” again. Click on “Request Coach
Report”, select a coach, and press “Confirm”. Read out the strange report
that is given.
Note: This works on both the demo and final version of the game.

Submitted by: pnk

championship manager 2001/2002

* good gks- dimitris elefthropoulous, dennisis chiotis, magnus hedman,
sebastian frey, markus proll, paul robinson

* good dfs-isaak okoronkwo, assane n’diaye, julio arca, mario yepes,
david livermore(also a good left mf), ibrahim said, david prutton,
davide bonera.

* good mfs- mark kerr, kieron dyer, simon davies, sean davis(fulham),
joe cole, ludovic giuly, jose antonio reyes, steve finnan, radoslaw

* good strikers- ernesto farias, P.A.Guede, louis saha, andriano(inter),
olivera(sevilla), Luca toni, faustino rossini, lee chun soo, aghahowa.

* To get a very good and cheap players in the future..
First open the game editor, then select a nation with low reputation,
let say Chile or Indonesia.. change it’s importance rating and league
standard to 20.. now play the game.. After two or three years, a new
player will emerge from that country. And he will be very cheap compared
to his skills.

Submitted by: dr.dre- – – – k

Manage two clubs at 1 time and play each other. 1 manager put all his
players(even GK)forward and all the arrows going to left corner and u
will get result of lots of goals. When i Celtic i beat Hibs 36-0!

Quality Players:
Submitted by: Iceman

Jermaine Defoe-Mid-WestHam
Roberto Fabian Ayala-Def-Valencia
Bobby Zamora-Att-Brighton
Christian Veiri-Att-Inter Milan

These Players Should only be bought to Italy:
Zinedine Zidane
Louis Figo

Submitted by: Joseph O’G

* good striker is Justin Georcelin northampton slow to start
leave hi there for 4 yrs he’s unreal!

* tonton zola moukoko looks poor but quality (derby)
taribo west
kieran dyer best right wing back on the game
tommy smith(watford)
luca toni

Submitted by: Henning L.

With this formation and players you will go unbeaten in 9/10 matches.
And that is no lie.

Keeper: Kahn
L.defender Bouma
R.defender Thuram
C.defender Lucio
C.defender Nesta
D.midfielder Van Bommel
C.midfielder Nedved
C.midfielder Vieira
C.midfielder Veron
C.attacker Van Nistelrooy
C.attacker Totti

The formation have to be played in 4-1-3-2.

This is the young players of the future:
Mads Timm, Denmark
Lourenco, Portugal
Arjen Robben Netherland
Van Vaart Netherland
Mendes Da silva Netherland

Submitted by: Donny Pramana

This is the power player :
1. Franco Costanzo (GK)
2. Angelo Peruzzi (GK)
3. Alessandro Nesta (CD)
4. Rio Ferdinand (CD)
5. Christian Chivu (LD)
6. Ian Harte (LD)
7. Lucio (CD)
8. Leandro Cufre (RD)
9. Marino Biliskov (RD)
10.Stefano Fiore (LM)
11.Genarro Gattuso (CM)
12.Lucas Castroman (RM)
13.Van Der Vaart (LM)
14.Gaizka Mendieta (RM)
15.Claudio Lopez (LM)
16.Riquelme (CM)
17.Enzo Maresca (CM)
18.Mario Jardel (ST)
19.Andriy Shevchenko (ST)
20.Mateja Kezman (ST)
21.Hernan Crespo (ST)

Great players to buy:
Submitted by: Syed Putra

Great players to buy. I tried the same set of players for 3 different
games in 3 different teams. The results? Treble Winners! The team?
Tottenham Hotspur!

GK- Paul Robinson (leeds)
RB- David Prutton (forest)
LB- Taribo West (free)
CB- Rio Ferdinand (leeds), Dean Richards(Spurs)
LM- Joe Cole (WH)
RM- Luke Chadwick (Man Utd)
CM- Tonton Zola Moukoko (derby)
DM- Steven Haslam (Shef Wed)
S – Michael Bridges (Leeds)
S – Steven Milne (Dundee)

Best team in the world:
Submitted by: Seserman Adrian

My team after 5 years:
Alex Maninger GK
Taribo West DL
Cosmin Contra DR
Tomy Jonsson DC
Cristi Chivu DC
Joe Cole ML
David Prutton MR
Donati(MILAN) MC
Kennedy Bakircioglu MC
Luca Toni FC
PAul Keegan FC

Abgar Barsom
Phillipe Mexes
Niko Kranjcar
Franco Costanzo
end others but I can’t remember their names.
I was manager at Chievo Verona and I played 4-4-2 At.
I won 3 times Seria A, 1 time Italian Cup and UEFA Cup.

Submitted by: Andrija Durkovoic

If you need a good attacker, buy:
Jairo Fernando Casatillo. He is on a free transfer when you start a
new game. All ready, when you start a new game, he is a great player,
but after a few seasons, he will be one of the best players in the world.
One season he scored 53 goals for me (Man City).

Another really good attacker is: Niko Kranjcar, from Dinamo.
When you start a new game he is 16 years old, and a really stabil
player, and after a few (3-4) seasons he will be a superb player.
In one season he scored 42 goals for me (Chelsea).

A good goal keeper, is Dionisis Chiotis from AEK. At first he doesn’t
look so good, but after just a few seasons, he will be better than Kahn,
Buffon, Barthez…
Hope, you can use this!!!

Submitted by: Chris Coles

Championship Manager 01/02 to 03/04
This is not a cheats cuz we all know there are none.

I’ve find a really good player from the 01/02 season on my Xbox
His Name is J Arca Left foot, Wing Back, Left Back and Att mid. i
paid 5m but u could get him form 3m, he plays at Sunderland. I’ve
got 03/04 for my Pc and he’s even better when he gets older.

Here are some other players i’ve side that play with forms of 8 to 10

Chris Riggots (charlton)
P Cannavoro?
Joe Cole
M Carrick
Ralf Van De Far? (ajax)
Robbie Keane
Not So Good Players

R Giggs
D Beackham
M Owen
S Campbell

I’ve Been playing as Tottenham and i won 3 prem 3 FA 3 WC 2 EU Champ
3 Chartiy Shields and i’ve got houlier as my asstittan with Banjen
from Real Madrid.

To take control of a country:
Submitted by: orry
say you wanted to go england

Go to add manager – click on manchester united (or any team) then click
on an english player and click on the nationality then take control.

Submitted by: ]]slaYer[[

Well,I’ve only started to play CM 01-02 very recently, but, when
I was wandering in the portuguese league, I’ve found a very interesting
player, that goes by the name Tó Madeira- He’s very, very, very cheap,
let’s say about 100K and he has for striker atributes(this may vary) 18
on finalization, 18 on dribbling, 20 in free kicks and 20 in technique.
He’s a great striker and he scores at least one goal per game.

Submitted by: ]]slaYer[[

Buy Tó Madeira from Gouveia for about 190.000$ or 900K and Risp,
defender who is young and brilliant for those who, like myself,
prefer playing with smaller teams

Submitted by:Saket Sharan

If you want to win everything my tip is to buy Ruud van Nistelrooy,
possibly the best striker on the game because he scores over 50 goals
per season, when he’s in the team you don’t have to worry about conceding
goals because he will strike to score one more than the opposition (or
possibly 5 more, as he does for me), but BEWARE he can only be on this
type of form when he is partnered with certain strikers, here are a few
(starting with the best partner):
*Raul (Real Madrid)
*Arjen Robben (PSV)
*Patrick Kluivert (Barcelona)
*Alan Shearer (Newcastle)
*Filipo Inzaghi (AC Milan)
25 MAX.

Submitted by: Bogdan

Young talented players with low reputation:
Gorka Larrea – Real Sociedad
Vitaly Kutuzov – AC Milan
Dean Ashton – Crewe

Submitted by: Steve McClear

* Kim Kallstrom-a good attacker for the future , and very cheap , too !
* Arjen Robben-He is going to PSV but get ready to buy him rigt after he
moved and you won’t regret , I’m sure it.
* To Madeira , a striker from Gouveia , Portugal . He’s very cheap and if
your club is small , you can buy him . He will be very great in the future!
* Jamie Forrester , from Northampton.I tried him in Manchester City and at
first, he is normal , but after few games , he scores unstoppably ! You
can’t believe: 40 goals a season! Buy them , there’s NO lie!

Submitted by: naveen

Buy zlatan muslimovic and amoroso they always score 3 to 4 goals in a match
they are very good strikers ok they are deadly strikers.

Excellent Players to buy:
Submitted by: Tom Byrne

Kim Kallstrom, Boris, Ronaldinho, h
larsson, r gomez(squad), spong, zlatan inrahimovic, b hansen, saviola.

Submitted by: vaggelis

Set one player in transfer list(he must play international matches too)wait until
one rich club make a offer then…go and make in 1 international match you want
11000000 or more(if the club is rish will make the offer)and you will take 11000000
when the player will go in international match.

Submitted by: rez

wayne rooney is good after 2 seasons but play him with [souza] he is young from
brazil and assist loads of goals for [rooney].

The best young player in my opinion is :
Submitted by: Ionutz

Pawel Brozek (Wisla Krakov)

Good youngster:
Submitted by: Mark

Jamie Mcmaster-leeds -2million…over

Looking for cheap talent:
* go to player/staff search.
* go to filters and click interested (to see if they want to join).
* then go to attributes and select prefered one _choose defensive its better.
* then click on value to sort it.
* look for players with higher than ten tht are cheap and when then sign for
you they double in value.
* good cheap player -choi.

Make player better:
* be manager of nation.
* then get a club with same manager.
* choose alright players for the nation.
* play them for the nation.
* sign them for your club and watch them improve.

Amazing Player!:
There is a great player called mbamba.Get him from vittese.sometimes he is good
sometimes he is bad.play him on his first game. he will score 30-40 a season.

Michael Dunwell:
Michael Dunwell is the best striker in championship manager and has never played a
bad game for me, his stats do not look much but he can become worth as much as 19mill,
he is guarenteed to score a goal a game.

Best young players on the game:
Submitted by: Steven Neal

Cherno Samba
Maxim Tsigalko
Chris Stringer
Stephen Crainey
Emil Debski
Tonton Zola Moukoko
Shane Tolley and Matthew Blinkhorn for the lower leagues
Justin Georcelin
Joe Cole
Ashley Cole
Javier Saviola
Francis Jeffers
Ivan Pellizzoli
Iker Casillas
Sebastian Frey
Federico Lazzeri
Angelo Schembri II
Guiglielmo Stendardo
Julius Aghahowa
Kim Kallstrom
Any young players from VFL Osnabruck after 2010
Arjen Robben
Jose Antonio Reyes
Diego Forlan

There is tons more, ROnaldinho and Kaka for instance.

* Send scouts to Scandinavia for good cheap players, and to south America for
amazing young talent with cheap wages.

* Young player scouting is good, especially if you are a lower league club or
have little money to spend, some real gems turn up after 2008

* After four or five years your club will begin releasing players from their
acadey into your reserves, some are amazing. give them all contracts and
then they can be sold for much more money. most deserve some time playing
for the reserves to see if they get any good. the better the academy and
training facilities the better the players produced. Many premiership
sides have excelent young players that don’t develop because of a lack of
first team football. loan them then they are easier to buy.

* Look at National Under 21 teams.

* Anyone from Belarus is excellent, Tsigalko, Vitaly Kutozov, Vitali Kutozov
(both brothers at Milan, Vitali not as good) Roman Trepachkn, Sergey
Nikiforenko, Andrey Mileveskiy, Eugeni Branovicky, basically anyone from
Shakhtar Soligorsk.

* Jermaine Defoe and Peter Crouch are both quality, Rocky Baptiste is a lower
league goal machine, Tony Taggart is excellent, Chris Piper, Chris Rose and
Lenny Piper all have excellent potential as does Chris Carruthers from
Northampton Town. Also look at Emmanuel Omoyimni at Oxford United.

Good Player’s in Championship Manager 2002:
Submitted by: wandrey

1.maxim tsigalko
2.kevin hofland
3.rio ferdinand
4.arjen robben
5.joe cole
6.pawel brozek
7.mark kerr
11.johan oberg

gk Costanzo
cb rio ferdinand
cb john terry
dm ndiaye
dm prutton
dm seith jhonson
mc mark kerr
mc arjen robben
mc joe cole
amc ronaldinho
sc tsigalko


Recommended players:
If you have two players up front, the best two players to have are Henrik Larsson
and Andriy Schevchenko. They are guaranteed to score every game, as long as you
have a brilliant play maker like Zinedine Zidane.

Finding good players:
Go the game’s editor. Filter out players with -2 potential ability. All of these
players have the potential abilities to become world class players some day, if
they are played frequently. Examples of such players are To Madeira, John Woodgate,
and Krisstoffer Weckstrom.

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