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Championship Manager Season 2003/2004 Cheats

Championship Manager Season 2003/2004

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Unlimited money:
Usually, to get a large amount of money in these games, all you need to do
is take over another team with the “Add Manager” option and sell a player
at a rather unrealistic amount. However, this results in having no players
remaining, no transfer budget at your chosen victim club, or even worse,
the board keeps intervening. The solution is to take over the team you hate
the most with the “Add Manager” option, as usual. However, instead of selling
a player to them, have them put in a First Option bid for £100 million.
Simply accept the bid and the £100 million is yours with no interference.
No matter how deep in debt the club gets, the owners will not stop the
transfers, and you can reap the rewards of unlimited money.

Never lose:
When you are about to have a match, save the game. If you lose your game,
you can reload your saved game and try again. However, you must remember
your next fixtures date — once you are about to go to the match it cannot
be saved anymore.

Getting good players:
When you start a new game, choose the league that you are about to manage.
While playing, click on “Game Options”, then “Add Manager”, then “Enter
Your Profile”. Choose the team that you wish to manage. You now have two
teams in your control at the same time. You can do any transaction.
You can buy any great player for free transfer (if you choose that player’s

Getting good players II:
If you have a spare £9 million and need a good goal sorer in your first
season, Frederic Kanoute is your man. He has a buy out clause of £9 million
and will want roughly £60,000 a week. Nicholas Anelka is guaranteed goals.
He will set you back roughly £7 million if you are lucky, but he is well
worth it. Issah Eliakwu is 18 years old and is easily one of the best
youngsters on the game. you can pick him up for about £250,000.

Choose two countries:
Select two teams, then select the team that you do not wish to play. Next,
make a bid on a player from the opposite team. Make the bid about 150,000,000
and send the bid to the other team .Then, accept the bid. When you make a
contract proposal, make it as good as it can get. However, do not send the
contract — you must retire as the manager of the team that made the bid.
The message “Transfer failed” will be in your message box and if done
correctly the player will leave your club for the amount which you chose.

Submitted by: DAZZA B

if you want tae sign great players here they are

issah eliakwu (amazing)
carlos tevez ( scoring machine)
freddy adu ( fast and furious)
arthur boruc ( lets six goals in per season)
glen johnson ( great passing)
joe cole ( skillful)
thierry henry ( goal machine)
jan kristianian ( long shooter)

honestly get issah eliakwu you will not regret it ( 2.5 million)

Submitted by: David

I know you may think this is a long shot, but i have found one of the best
dribblers on the game:
All you need to do is join to a swedish game and go to the club malmo ff,
there you will find a right midfielder called tobias grahn, at the start
his dribbling is only 16, best payer in the swedish league by far, so what
i did, i started with my favourite liverpool =] and had a look at what he
could do in the prem… and for 6 of 7 years he apsoulotely ripped it up..
definate buy!

Submitted by: at

Sign James Milner from leeds he is wicked after a season or two

Submitted by: Biru

You can manage Chelsea,Arsenal or ,Man U in EPL.

Chelsea is best coz they have some amazing players like
Adrian Mutu, William Gallas,Wayne bridge,Glen Johnson,Joe cole , Damien Duff,
Frank lampard.(With Chelsea you dont need to buy too many players just need to
keep them happy )
Some good and young players for less price.

1. Jerome Thomas,Gael Clichy,Cesc Fabregas,.
Must buy- Lucio,Diego,Mikel Arteta,Santa cruz,Ziatan Ibrahmovic Mancini.
You can sell players like Makellele,Crespo,gronjkaer and make good money and
then buy Lucio(must central defendar with gallas),Diego (amazing playmaker),
joe cole left winger and forward willbe Mutu with ibrahamovic or with Santa Cruz.
Mikel arteta is the best defensive midfielder,Gattuso is good ,Andrea pirlo,
Use fabregas as defensive midfielder if you buy him .
The formation should be 4-4-2 change the attack mode according to th requirement.
Startegy settings- Closing down always own end, attacking,
DL-wayne bridge,Dc-Gallas,Lucio, DR Glen Johnson (u need to be patient withhim in
the beginging he wont perform)AML- Joe cole
Mikel arteta as defensive midfielder and lampard as attacking midfielder,AMR-
Mancini,Striker- Mutu FL or Santa cruz ,Ibrahmovic FR.
Best keeper- Buffon but you can buy Tim howard for less price in the begining
of the game and he is good too van de sar is good.
I used him till he was 40.

Preferable Formation: 4-3-3:
Submitted by: Antonis

Good and cheap players:

Forward: Evandro Roncatto, David Bellion, Louis Saha, David Poole, James Graham,
Alessio Cerci, Alessandro Simonetta, Jonathan Lacourt, Aaron Hunt, Lomana LuaLua,
Shola Ameobi, Supat Rungratsamme, Magno Silva Vieira, Ivica Olic, Guayre, Freddy Adu,
Paulus Roiha, Stein Huysegems, Benjamin Onwachi, Kenny Miller

Midfielders: Lionel Morgan, Nigel Reo-Cocker, Cees Keiser, Jordi Hoogstrate, Aaron Lennon,
Victor Sikora, Oskitz Estefania, Eric Djemba-Djemba, Lee Croft, Leonardo Pisculichi,
Christian Ledesma (HSV), Dinelson, Yoan Gurcuff, Teemu Tainio, Lional Mathis, Jeremie Mathieu

Defenders: Anthony Gardner, Jose Julian de la Cuesta, Jean (Feyenoord), Daniel (Bahia),
Zoltan Sebescen, Frazer Richardson, Nyron Nosworthy, Michele Ferri, Traianos Dellas,
Julien Escude, Matthew Kilgallon, Marco Motta

Goalkeeper: Carlo Zotti, Luca Gurci (Generally it doesn’t matter, at least to have around
15 in stats is good enough)

Submitted by: Michael

* Either manage in scotland or add scotland as a second country, go to kilmarnock and buy
john paul boyle, he is a 17 year old striker, you can buy him for 50k max. if you manage
a lower league team he will score more goals than games played, if you manage a team in
the premiership or divison 1 he will get about 15-20 goals in his first season and then
30+ after that. there must be a bug in the game because his value never goes above 2.
5million and when you offer him a new contract at most he wants 2k a week and he will
never play for the senior scotland squad.

* Dont sign freddy adu straight away (you cant get a work permit for him after 1st season)
wait till the day before he turns 17 (3rd season) and sign him for less than 1million on
a 5 yea contract, when that contract is up he becomes a british citizen and you can offer
him a new contract. (by this time he is a brilliant player and stil only 22.

* Buy this team at the begining for less than 3million, stick them in the youth team/
reserves and in 5 years time you will have a brilliant team of 22 year olds.

gk kasper schmeichel (man city)
dr richard cotton (man city)
dl james mceveley (blackburn
cb tom huddleston (blackburn)
cb jones (crewe)
amrc aaron lennon (leeds united)
aml tom jebb (liverpool)
amc adu (free transfer)
dmc garry roberts (crewe)
sc supat rungatsem (portsmouth)
sc alecio curci (roma)

Good players:
gamst pedersen – loan him, pay 100% wages and future fee of how much he is worth
farnerud – same technique
lucio, anelka, sean davis, arteta – offer there full asking price plus a 10% sell on fee, they
will come back with another offer of the full asking price but without the 10% sell on fee. so
u can buy a player for there asking price instead of over inflated fee’s.

* dont buy kim kallstrom – over rated.
* my most consistent signings.

gk kasper schmeichel (man city) 250k at start of game
rb hatem trablsi (ajax) free transfer in january 2004
lb jacob lekegthko (moscow) 500k at start of game
cb lucio (leverkusen) 7.25-10.5million at start of game
cb anthony gardner (tottenham) free signing end of season 1
rm jermaine pennant (arsenal) free signing at end of season 1
lm denilson (betis) 10.75milion at start of game
cm mikel arteta (rangers) 2.5-3.8million at start of game
cm sean davis (fulham) 1.7-3million at start of game
sc nicolas anelka (man city) 10-13million at start of game
sc stefan moore (aston villa) loan at start of game

* favourite player in whole game is morten gamst pedersen!!

Julius Aghahowa:
Submitted by: Ripcurl123

A absolutely Brilliant player which u must buy is Julius Aghahowa his stats are very good
on the physical section with 20 pace and agility and all the rest 15+
in his debut he score 2 in the first half and then 2 more in the second.

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