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Chaos Island – The lost World Cheats

Chaos Island – The lost World

Cheat Codes:
Hold Ctrl + Shift + X + S when playing. A red bar will appear on the lower left.
Now type these cheats and then hit enter to activate them.

Code Result
raggsdale – complete cheat menu
Kill – kills selected enemy
Egg raptor – gives raptor egg
Egg trex – gives trex egg
Egg stegosaur – gives stegosaur egg
Egg dilo – gives dilocosaur egg
Egg pachy – gives pachy egg
Egg triceratops – triceratops egg
Egg compy – gives compy egg
Egg parasaur – gives parasaur egg
Egg pachycephalosaurus – Pachycephalosaurus egg
Remdul – get alien
Health – recover health
Win – completes mission
Lose – loses mission
money # – gain # dollars
upgrade s # – increase speed
upgrade c # – increase capacity
upgrade d # – increase damage
upgrade v # – increase vision
upgrade a # – increase armor
clear – reveal map
jurassic – Full map
Macleod – Invincibility
Extra – Increase Eddie’s and Nick’s response
Audio # – Enable specified character ending
Dead – Hold the dead
Prince – Programmer message
Core – Programmer picture
Remdul – Alien character and gun
Evets – Allow special winning setting
hppr # – Set health percentage for selected unit
[Shift] + [F3] – Pause game
[Shift] + [F4] – Advance frame by frame
[Shift] + [F5] – Resume game.

Dinosaur Tips:
Parasaurolophus: Use these in an attack pack of four on the 3rd level.
You can easily kill the pachy, hunters, and compys without being heavily
damaged. On any other levels, use them for clearing paths and for luring
wild dinos near hunter encampments. Their speed makes them good scouts.

Procompsognathus: Not much use for anything but a scout. Never attack
anything with them unless you just don’t care. I recommend saving their
eggs for points instead of hatching them.

Pachycephalosaurus: These guys make excellent attack dogs on anthing small
except the velociraptors. They are perfect matches for dilophosaurs.

Dilophosaur: No match for anything but compys and parasaurs. Use them for
attacking across barriers to make them worth hatching.

Stegosaur: A stegosaur has no use if you have triceratops. They are slow
and stupid. You can use them in earlier levels though. They make a fine
match for anything when teamed up with a pair of triceratops.

Triceratops: The Triceratops are extremely powerful and useful. Use them
as attack dogs. A pair of them and a stegosaur make a good match with a
tank. They also graze very well.

Velociraptor: Singular, they kind of stink. If you pack them together in
packs of four or more, they are deadly. You can easily kill a T-rex with
a pack of four Velociraptors. I wouldn’t suggest using them against tanks.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: By far, the most powerful creature in the game. Use
them for destroying anything. A single one is good for destroying a tank
or two. They are a bit vulnerable to attacks from packs of Velociraptor,
so watch out.

Level Select:
At the main menu (CREDITS, LOAD, EXIT, etc.) hold Ctrl-Shift-Q-W, then
release W. A screen should show up. This is the level selection screen
you can pick Level 1-12, Easy 1-10, Medium 1-10, the Bonus Level, some
test levels, Dino Chaos Levels and E3 Levels. Submitted by Danny Szeto

Playing Tips:
Dinos: do not shoot or try to kill them unless they attack you or your
base camp in the levels 1-5 in level 6-12 kill all carnivores, unless
the objective is to save one, this goes for all levels.

Hunters: Kill all hunters you see do not hesitate!

Level 2: find the artificial nest as soon as possible and hatch an
egg you have collected and put in base camp. after you have done
this you should be able to make artificial nests. Then fix the bridge
and go directly to the dock.

Level 3: Get as many gatherers as possible build base camp get the
supplies directly left of where you started. Build a fire barrier
an artificial nest and a tent double click on base camp and get eddie.
go a little north west and you should find some eggs. Hatch them and
use them as scouts. when you find an opening in the cliff use them to
find the river east of the opening if you go west or north bye bye dino.
If you run into a hunter run back to base camp and kill the hunter
since he follows you back. By now you should have found more supplies
get them and build the last two fire barriers. Scout the river till
you find an openingdont worry if you stay by the river going north
you wont get killed.

When you find the opening get all your people cross the river go down
till you find the compy nest. Use three people to get the eggs us the
person thats left to go doun and find yet more supplies but take the
extra ammo give it to someone hatch the compy eggs.
Submitted by Jeremy R. (coolman1@erols.com)

Remdul’s Code:
During gameplay, press and simultaneously hold Shift-Ctrl-S-X, then let
off the S button. When the line appears in the lower-left corner, type
in the word REMDUL, and press enter.

Quick egg spawning:
When entering the egg name to spawn an egg, you do not have to type the
full name. You only have to type egg then the first four letters of the
creature you want to spawn. For example, egg rapt will work just as well
as egg raptor.

Stage Select:
When you are at main Game Selection screen, hold down Ctrl, Shift, Q, and W.
Once all four keys are down, let go of W to access Stage Select.

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