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Chemically Bonded Cheats

Chemically Bonded

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Naomi’s Route Walkthrough:

-[Save 1] Talk about Naomi.
-How much do you want me to go again?
-Find Naomi.
-Call Naomi.
-Accept the call.
-Call Naomi.
-Choice doesn’t matter.
-Defend Naomi.
-I can understand.
-A tsundere.
-Call Naomi.
-I loved it. Your hair smelt nice.
-Message Naomi.
-Tell her you’re meeting Naomi.
-Promise her you’ll come.

-[Save 2] Reject her.

Load 1
-Ask about science.
-Of course I’m going.
-Go to the Science Club.
-Call Kiyoko.
-Approach her.
-Call Kiyoko.
-Support Kiyoko.
-I can understand.
-Call Naomi.
-Message Kiyoko.
-Try Naomi’s first.

-[Save 3] I don’t know what my feelings are.

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