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Chex Quest 1 Cheats

Chex Quest 1

Cheat codes:
Type one of the following codes during game play to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
God mode – davidbrus
All ammo – mikekoenigs
All ammo, keys – scottholman
Full map – digitalcafe
Invisibility – marybregi
Invincibility – andrewbenson
Bootspork – joelkoenigs
Additional map info – sherrill
No clipping mode – charlesjacobi
Radiation suit – allen
Strength – deanhyers
Display coordinates – kimhyers
Level select – leesnyder1
Radiation suit – allen
Bootspork – joelkoenigs
Additional map info – sherrill

Secret Areas Level 1:
On level one, when you’re in the big room with the spaceship there will
be a small door. Go inside. When you enter the room , there will be a
flemoid guarding a blue key. After you kill it and get the blue key, go
to the back of the small room and press the spacebar. Then, you get a
tri-barreled zorcher. In the room where you win the game, go down the
hallway and to the right toward a painting. When your up in front of it
press the spacebar there will be a flemoid and a 100 + armor bonus.

Mix with Doom:
To play the game in a Doom-like standard, replace the WAD files with those
from Doom, Final Doom, or Doom 2. Note: The opposite can also be done.

Finding Hidden Doors:
In each level there are a number of hidden doors. Here is an easy way to
find them. After you completely explore a level, press [TAB] to view the map.
there will be short yellow lines on some walls on the map. Most of the time,
those short yellow lines show where hidden doors are. Just walk up to the
place on a wall where a yellow line was shown on the map, and press the
space bar. If you are at the right location on the wall a hidden door will
open. Alot of times there are some health and weapon rechargers behind the
hidden doors.

Aliens attacking each other:
Enable the “andrewbenson” code and go to level 2. Go out just barely and wait
for a Flemoid to appear. Then. run back to the room and go in a corner. The
room will soon be filled with Flemoids. Two should be attacking you. Break
free from the corner and watch as two aliens attack each other to the death.

Level 2: Secret Vent:
In the second level there are two refridgerated storage rooms. In the second
one of these rooms there is a secret vent with some cool stuff inside it.
Get on the turbo lift in the back, you want to stand in front of the big
set of crates toward the left. You must stand right on the edge of the power
lift.¿When it goes up run forward an youll get on top of one of the crates.
You’ll notice that one of the panels on your right is different than the
others. Open it, then follow the vent. At the end you will find a small
blue room with a really big gun.

Level 5:
In level 5, as you walk up the stairs(before you go down again), at the top,
there will be a light to the right. Open it, and there will be a flemoid and
a yellow key. After you get rid of the Flemoid, and get the key, turn around
and go to the northwest corner from where the key was. It’s a door. Inside,
the will be a stream. Go right. At the end is a waterfall. Go down it. There
will be another flemoid in the room you are in. After you go out of the room,
you are in the boss’s room.

Viewing cutscenes outside the game:
All of the game cinemas (including the ending) are stored as both MPEGs and
QuickTime movies, so you don’t have to play the game to check out the story.

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