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Chrono Ghost Cheats

Chrono Ghost

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide & Tips:
-=Chrono Ghost Abilities:=
Speed up time, Slow Down Time, Stop Time – using the left controller bumper slows
down time, using the right controller bumper speeds up time, and pressing both the
left and right bumper together stops time. (Stop Time has a limit bar whereas speed
up and slow down have unlimited use)

-=Chrono Ghost Abilities Mechanics Control=-
All Green outlined obstacles in Chrono Ghost are affected by the time controlling
mechanics, whereas all Red outlined obstacles are immune to the time control m

-=Chrono Ghost Natural Abilities=-
Jump – Can be combined with the Dash ability and the Dash ability cool down.
Short hop jumps and long extended jumps can be performed by tapping and long
pressing the jumps button.

Crouch – Crouch to avoid certain obstacles.

Dash – Has a cool down indicator above the character. Dashing out into an open
space (off a ledge) + Jumping will allow Chrono Ghost to Dash again.

Camera panning – (Controller) By pressing the B button allows the player to see
what is in front to the right.

-=Chrono Ghost Platforms=-
Green – Static, Moving, and Falling
Red – Static Moving and, Falling
Blue – These are bouncing platforms – The player receives a jump once reaching
peak jumping height.

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