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Circulate Cheats


Circulate comes with a level editor. To access it, type “EDITOR”
at the main menu. A “Custom Levels” button should appear.

Cheat Codes:
Type editor at the main menu. A “Custom Levels” button will appear.
Select it, then use the following commands.

Key Effect
Space – Test play the level, press again to return to editor.
Insert – Insert a sphere or level component at pointer.
Delete – Delete the selected sphere or level component.
H – Toggle on-screen display.
Shift – Hold to reduce the effect of “+” and “-” buttons by 10.
Ctrl – Hold to increase the effect of “+” and “-” on-screen by 10.
Home – Return to the editor while testing level with current changes.
G – Toggle grid.
<0-9> – Alter how many segments the grid is split.
[Ctrl] + <0-9> – Alter how many sections each grid segment is divided by.
S – Snap selected component to nearest grid location.
[Shift] – Hold while moving sphere to prevent it from overlapping
other components.

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