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City Of Fools Cheats

City Of Fools

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy “Gourmet” achievement:
Start a new game. Complete the initial HOS at the office. Give your
ticket to the inspector then enter the Tundel station building and
leave it through the doors ahead. Move forward past the artist and
then go to the right to the next screen. Select the hole in the road
and collect the locker room receipt. Return to the station building,
then move to the left and speak to the police officer.
Give him your ID and the receipt. Enter the locker room and open the
following lockers with the listed combination to get money.

Locker 12: Combination “4646” for $183.
Locker 45: Combination “4698” for $121.

Save the game before returning to the artist. Then go to the right
and enter the food store. Purchase all sixteen items found there.
You can then reload your saved game file to continue playing with
the money intact.

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