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Civilization – Call to Power 2 Cheats

Civilization – Call to Power 2

Submitted by: nightraider

Cheat mode:
Start a new game and enter Leemur as your leader name to get
1,000,000 gold and public works.

After activating this code and playing, you will find out later
that the gold funds run out very quickly if you buy everything.
At this point, save your game, then quit the game altogether.
Start the game again, and load your current game again.
You will notice that your gold funds have been restored to
1,000,000, but your public works funding stays the same.

Alternately, type ! during game play to display a console window
that allows gold and public works to be adjusted, as well as
spawning any desired unit, advance, or wonder.

Reveal entire map and resources:
Save the game. Include the word multi in the saved game name.
Load the game you just saved. You now can now see the entire
map and all resources.

Resist the temptation to go on the offensive too early.
Try to bide your time until you’ve researched gunpowder
at least. And don’t make too many enemies at once. A war
on two fronts buried Hitler and it will likely do the
same to you!

Always try to end a flying unit’s turn on a city or airbase
tile, or on an aircraft carrier. It’s far too easy to let
them run out of fuel. Air power’s not as powerful as it
should be either, so focus on developing your ground-based
units first.

An army of tanks backed by an army of artillery is enough
to subdue most cities in just a few turns. Bombard the city
with the artillery for two turns, then let the tanks loose!

100K gold and public works:
Type in “Leemur” as your name and you will get
100,000 gold and public works every time you play.

Unlimited gold:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the
“script.slc” file in the “ctp_datadefaultgamedata” folder.

Add the following lines:
trigger ‘DOR_T_Give_Gold’ when (IsHumanPlayer(g.player) &&
(player.1.gold<=200000)) { AddGold(g.player,1000000); }

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