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Closers Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
*Side quests are always at the Mission or 1 Mission away from your current Mission
in MSQ. Generally, you should do all quests you find! (Repeatables, or daily quests,
don’t appear until Han High School. Daily quests in Guro are mainly for Special
Ops completions.)

*After MSQ makes you leave an area, go back and make sure every mission [Recon,
Patrol, Skirmish and later on, Assault] is done at least once for zone completion
rewards! You can claim the box at 30, 50, 70 and 100% completion.
[Virtual Zones count as well!]

*A lot of outfits you find in zone completion rewards are on timers, such as 24
hours, 3 days, and 7 days. After this time period, they fade off, so use them
while you can for a free extra boost! However, bear in mind that you can not
tune them or salvage them…

*Grey [Normal] quality materials are generally a quest turn-in. You can safely
toss them after you’ve left that zone in order to free up some space! They are
able to be sold to NPCs, but the money you earn from it is rather miniscule…

*Account storage is your best friend when you have alts (other characters)!
Share your gear boosters, potions, and money… Basically anything that isn’t
character bound!
*Costumes that are found belonging to another Closer can be put into account
storage or sold on the black market. However, this is only so long as they are
not bound. Once they’re bound, they’re restricted to that character only!
*Push “X” while in dialogue to skip it.
*Push Space to accept quest rewards instead of clicking of them individually.
*Push Esc to skip reward popups and animations for Explorations and Gardening
*Pushing forward to a new area forces all loot from the previous area to appear
at your feet if uncollected, regardless of zone transition (Kinda like dashing
into the sun on some Zone Clear dialogues).

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