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Club Marian Cheats

Club Marian

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Justin

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following commands to activate the
corresponding effect.

Code Effect
press /teleport 1 – to go to another wold.
press /who – to see who is in the room.
press /join [number] – to join another room.

Submitted by: David K.

Be Smart Online:
When playing any multiplayer game, make sure never to use your real name –
and don’t communicate your personal information to anyone in the game!

Have Fun:
There’s lots to do and explore in the world, so try everything and go to
all the different locations you can.

Car on the stairs:
Submitted by: Malik

In Maple go up to the steps that are right of the longer steps then stand in front
of the steps & then go to the left or right wooden thing (part of the stairs that
dont make you fall then click the car button drive 4ward & that’s it!

Flying Car:
Submitted by: Brayden

Go to the Colloseum and go to the entrance. Stand next to the giant column to the
right facing the right also. Click the car button. Your car should be in the wall.
Then, hold the up button on the keyboard and watch your car fly.

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