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Clusterball Cheats


Submitted by: SDX

Ingridients for the unlimited Clusterball playing like in full Real
arcade’s game :

1 – get Clusterball 1.100 Demo (unlimited playtime, one map) and install
2 – get Clusterball 1.007 Demo (limited playtime, standart maps) and install
3 – copy Levels folder from C1.007D into C1.100D Levels folder
(do not overwrite newer files!)
3 – launch C1.100D and select any level from the full game!
4 – you can uninstall C1.007D after this, because you already got all
it’s features!

For future use I recomend just to leave C1.100D and Levels folder from
C1.007D without “Egypt.mp3” and “Egypt.mrg”, than installing this will
become almoast as easy as installing original game.

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