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Cogs Cheats


Achievements (Steam):
Submitted by: RM

Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Aeronaut – Earn triple-gold on all flying levels.
Apprentice – Complete 10 levels in Inventor Mode.
Aptitude – Earn your first triple-gold award.
Aurifex – Earn 10 triple-gold awards.
Chronomancer – Complete all 50 Time Challenges.
Chronometrist – Complete 10 Time Challenges.
Cogsmith – Complete all 50 levels in Inventor Mode.
Composer – Earn at least bronze Time and Move awards
on all music levels.
Full Speed Ahead – Finish a level in Inventor Mode in 5 seconds or less.
Gadgeteer – Earn 400 stars.
Keymaster – Unlock every level in Inventor Mode.
Maestro – Earn triple-gold on all music levels.
Master Precisionist – Complete all 50 Move Challenges.
Pilot – Earn at least bronze Time and Move awards on all
flying levels.
Precisionist – Complete 10 Move Challenges.
Sprocketeer – Earn 800 stars.
Tinkerer – Earn 100 stars.
Widgeteer – Earn 200 stars.

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