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Combat Flight Simulator 2 Cheats

Combat Flight Simulator 2

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Japanese planes, particularly the Mitsubishi Zeros, tend
to be more maneuverable than their American counterparts,
especially in the early stages of the war. Therefore, if
you’re flying a U.S. plane, it’s a good idea to avoid
“turning and burning” dogfights with the Japanese and
instead stick with high-altitude “zoom and boom” attacks.
Essentially, “zoom and boom” attacks involve diving on an
enemy plane, firing, then pulling out and regaining altitude
and position to repeat the maneuver.

If you’re called upon to fly a low-altitude bombing or strafing
run, try to “hug the deck” for a couple of minutes after you’ve
maneuvered out of the target area. By staying low to the ground,
you’ll usually be able to avoid the flak being fired from enemy
antiaircraft guns.

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