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Commanche Gold Cheats

Commanche Gold

Cheat Codes:
Press “R” for radio then any of the following codes:

Code Effect
PIGSOINK – Max Overkill (Overload Weapons)
HARMONY – GPS Hellfire
6969 – Mercenary
X666 – Kill Teammate
IMARAT – Invisible
IMACOW – Time freeze
LOADME – Reload
FIXME – Fix Damage

Tips to finish the two most difficult missions in the game:
By Leo Bogari

1-Silver operations:
Campaign #2 frozen Friendship:
Mission # 8 Tunnel vision:
You should take off quickly and go throught your waypionts as
fast as you can, letting the other squadrons take care of any
enemies in the area but you can shoot down any enemies that
come in your way without slwoing down or changing directions.
Proceed to waypoints 4, 5 and 6 fast. Try to avoid enemies
if you can, if not shoot them fast and move quickly. The train
is going to come out of the cave at waypoint 7 at exactly 6:00
minutes from the start of the mission. (That’s why i told you
to move as fast as you can to catch the train and destroy it
before it goes into the next cave and that will result in
mission failure. Now the trick in hitting the train is to hit
the first locomotive in the front to stop the train. If you hit
the ones behind, the first one will continue moving and you’ll
loose the mission once it goes into the cave. Once the train is
stopped you can hit at your liesure.

2-Gold operations:
Campaign # 2 Providence:
Mission # 8 Loose ends:

You should also take off quickly and go to waypoint 1 and then
you should skip the next waypoints and go directly to waypoint
4 to catch and shoot down the fleeing leaders in 3 choppers.
If you take the normal route, you’ll probably won’t be able to
catch up with them. Try to keep stealthy and do not fire on any
chinese ground targets until you reach the leaders.

Remember, timing is very important in these two missions,
Good hunting!

P.S. It’s much easier to finish these missions if you use the
cheat codes. You can go invisible which makes you undetectable
to enemies, but don’t think you’re invincable so you could still
hit the mountains and other choopers or get hit by crossfire
(Watch out cause this code only lasts for 60 seconds after that
you’re visible again so you have to type that code at least once
every mintue to keep yourself invisible longer). You can also use
the overload weapons code so you have plenty of weapons to shoot
with and not running out of ammo. You should also use the code to
kill your team mate (griffin 27) at the biginning of the mission
because he’ll attract enemy fire flying next to you and some of
that crossfire might hit you.

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