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Command And Conquer 3 – Kane’s Wrath Cheats

Command And Conquer 3 – Kane’s Wrath

Submitted by. RM

Multiple unique buildings:
There are some buildings that you can only build once (for example,
Statue of Kane and the Redeemer/Reclamator/Hexapod Facility). However
you can actually build more then one. Get additional Construction Yards
(build MCVs at your War Factory), then place the Construction Yards. You
now have more than one building queue. Start making the building you
want more than one of at all your Construction Yards. When they are done,
place them. The more Construction Yards you have, the more statues or
facilities you can make.

Scrin: Placing buildings in thunder storm:
When playing as the Scrin in either multi-player, Skirmish or the Scrin
campaign mode, it is usually not possible to place buildings within a
thunderstorm produced by the Storm Tower. To get around this, power down
the Storm Tower and place whatever you want next to it (another Storm
Tower is recommended). This strategy will help improve your base.

Unlimited tiberium:
Enter up(5x),down,left(2x),and create the biggest vehicle in that faction.

Kane’s Challenge movies:
Successfully complete Kane’s Challenge with any faction to unlock Kane’s
Challenge movies under the “Movies” option.

Single player campaign movies – Complete the single player campaign.
Kane’s Challenge movies – Complete Kane’s Challenge with the faction
of your choice.

NOD: Cataclyst Missile:
Play as NOD and drop multiple mines in Tiberium fields. Throw in a Cataclyst
Missile and you will not only blow up the minefield, but also all the mines
in it. The results were devastating, and can annihilate all the enemy ground
forces. This is very useful to make short work of the enemy’s super unit.
Also you can use the Cataclyst Missile on a refinery to destroy it with one
hit. This works only on Tiberium manufacturing structures.

Submitted by: Darshan Singh
Email: dragonchhabra@gmail.com

Play a Skirmish game and in the settings of it choose any team you want then edit enemie’s
team give them teams related to your team for (example you are GDI and your enemies teams are
STEEL TALONS and ZOCOM) Capture your enemies and try to make your super vehicles.

Warning Note:You can’t make Super vehicles if you capture the same team you have or if you
make a New MCV they can be only made if you capture other teams.

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