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Command & Conquer Gold Edition Cheats

Command & Conquer Gold Edition

Submitted by: RM

How the CPU cheats:
The CPU cheats in the following ways:

-It starts with more money.
-It can rebuild their buildings even when they have no
buildings nearby.
-It can rebuild their Construction Yard without an MCV.

You can easily get around the last two, however, by taking out all
their Construction Yards. With no Construction Yards, they cannot
rebuild without an MCV. Destroy all their Airstrips and/or War
Factories to keep them from getting more MCVs.

Controlling air units:
Note: This trick works for both the GDI and NOD. To control air units
in midair, simply give the helicopter a team number. This allows you
to give multi strikes without reloading.

Protect units:
If you want to protect a certain units (for example, an ore truck)
select a vehicle then hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] then click on the unit
you wish to protect. It will follow it around for protection.

More Tiberium:
Build a “wall” around Tiberium when playing against the CPU. Make
sure to also close up the entrances to your base. Then, press R to
display the surrender option. Do not press anything else and wait
for some length of time. Then, choose the “Cancel” option.
The Tiberium amount should have increased on the map.
Note: make sure the Tiberium is “regenerateable”.

Destroying the Temple of NOD:
Surprisingly, the CPU NOD usually keeps its Temple in a small second
base, apart from its main base. This base is also usually very poorly
defended. There will usually be only one Obelisk guarding it, however
they also usually fill it with SAM sites making an air attack futile.
Also, the CPU will not use the Nuclear Missile until the Temple is
attacked, and for good reason — there is only one nuke attack allowed
per game per player. First, build a second base large enough that you
can still fight if your first one, or it, is destroyed. Then, get a
large army and mass it outside the base close, but far enough away to
be out of range of the enemy’s Obelisk. Get an Ion Cannon shot ready
and use it to attack the Temple. It will fire its nuke at one of your
bases, destroying it. However, now they have used up their only nuke
and you do not have to worry about it anymore. Order your army to
swarm the base, first taking out Obelisk, then any Turrets, then
everything else except for one building. Take over the building,
barricade the base with walls, then build walls or buildings over
where they had buildings so they cannot rebuild them.

Wall tricks:
This trick requires a Construction Yard, a high enough tech level
to at least build Sandbags, and decent amount of money (depending
on where your base is located). Build Sandbags/Fences/Concrete Walls
to close up entrances to your base. Make sure the walls are not too
close to your base, because the enemy will just shoot over it.
The enemy AI is too dumb to know that they can “tear” down walls
and they will just stop when they get to the wall.

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