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Commander Keen 2 – The Earth Explodes! Cheats

Commander Keen 2 – The Earth Explodes!

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes:

Code Effect
SHIFT-TAB – End level
C-T-SPACE – Free items
GOD – God Mode

Uncompleted Levels:
To walk through uncompleted levels, hold tab with the num lock
on and walk through the level. You will be able to walk through
the level as you would, if it were completed.

Press and hold T + A + B for 99 rounds of ammunition and an
extra life.

More items:
Press and hold C + T + SPACE to get the pogo stick, all key cards,
and ray gun charges. Or push CTRL + TAB + SPACE.

Press and hold G + O + D. Activating this code will also let you
jump better.

Level skip:
Push SHIFT + TAB when in the map level.

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