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Commander Keen 4 – Secret Of The Oracle Cheats

Commander Keen 4 – Secret Of The Oracle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press A + 2 + [Enter] during game play to enable cheat mode. Then,
press [F10] followed by one of the following codes.
Alternately, start the game with the Keen4e.exe -nowait command line.
Then, press [F10] followed by one of the following codes to activate
the cheat function.

Effect Code
B – Enter 1 to 15 to change border color.
I – 3000 points and 99 ammo.
V – Add 0 to 8 VLBs.
M – Disable memory usage.
J – Flying jump.
P – Pause game.
Z – End game.
G – God mode.
W – Level select.
E – Level skip.
N – No clipping mode.
D – Record demo.
C – Show active and inactive object numbers in levels.
Y – Show hidden areas.
DEN – Skip to the game ending.
S – Slow motion.
T – Sprite test.

Extra items:
Press B + A +T during game play for an extra life, 99 rounds of ammunition,
and four diamond keys for the current level.

Practice mode:
Start the game with Keen4e.exe /TEDLEVEL command line. You will
start the selected level under the Normal difficulty setting with unlimited
lives and no prompt to exit. Completing the level will exit the game.

Levelnr. Level
01 – Border Village.
02 – Slug Village.
03 – The Perilous Pit.
04 – Cave of the Descendents.
05 – Chasm of Chills.
06 – Crystalus.
07 – Hillville.
08 – Sand Yego.
09 – Miragia.
10 – Lifewater Oasis.
11 – Pyramid of the Moons.
12 – Pyramid of Shadows.
13 – Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients.
14 – Pyramid of the Forbidden.
15 – Isle of Tar.
16 – Isle of Fire.
17 – Well of Wishes.
18 – Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket.

Get mooned:
Step on the little moon patterns on the floor of the pyramid of the moon. Wait a
short time and Keen will moon you instead of reading a book.

Hide game screen:
Press [F9] during game play to display a fake DOS command prompt and hide the game.
Press [Esc] to resume the game.

Secret Level:
To find the secret level, enter the Pyramid of the Moons. Go to the pole that is
second furthest to the right, slide down, and enter the door. Take the moving
platform to the right to obtain the yellow gem key. Return to the beginning corridor
and slide down the second pole to the left to enter a new area. Use the key on the
yellow keyhole to the far right of this new corridor. Flip the switch inside, and you
are now able to assemble all 12 of the inchworms in the corridor in one place. Once
you do so, they’ll turn into a giant foot. As the Cast of Characters says about the
inchworms, “Watch where you step or they’ll be afoot!” (Also, 12 inchworms = 1 foot,
get it?) Jump on the foot to enter the Pyramid of the Forbidden.

Bonus Area:
At the slug shrine in the underground area of Border Village, set up a pogo jump
on the left-side lid of the left acid pool to where you’re banging your helmet on
the ceiling with each bounce. At the top of one of these bounces, stop your pogo
stick and hold left to pull yourself up into a secret area. There will be 7
Lifewater Flasks (extra lives) to grab and an alternate exit to the level.

“Isle of Tar” Made Easy:
You can skip most of the Isle of Tar (one of the hardest levels in the game) by
making a huge pogo jump (followed by deactivating the pogo stick midair to grab a
ledge) to bypass a large gap over the top of the level, thereby skipping every
single gem key and all the underground tunnels involved in obtaining them.

However, this only works with the extra power granted to the pogo stick on the
easy difficulty level.

Although, the Isle of Tar isn’t a required level to beat the game in the first
place, but where’s the fun in that?

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