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Commander Keen – Goodbye Galaxy Cheats

Commander Keen – Goodbye Galaxy

Cheat mode:
To enable cheat mode, start a game and press A 2 ENTER. To use it, press [F10]
followed by one of the following keys:

G – God mode
W – Jump level
J – High jump
N – No clipping
I – Free items
T – Sprite test
D – Record a demo
V – Add a VLB
M – Get memory usage info
E – Restart game
S – Put game in slow-mo
Y – Makes the game look weird
C – Mega-stats

To receive the pogo stick, key cards, and gun charges easily, press C T Space
while playing.

Skip City:
To bypass any city on the map screen, press Shift Tab and walk through it.

Skip Parsnip Pass
Start at the beginning of the Parsnip Pass level. Go up to the top, where there is
a log and two squashes on it. Next, jump high enough to get the squashes attention,
and wait for them to jump over to the rightmost side of the screen. Fall down with
them. When you hit the bottom, where there is an island with water on the left side,
stand next to the right side, which is a wall that you cannot see. Wait for the
squashes to fall and hit you. When they hit you, you will begin to fall asleep,
but you will hit the wall and the “Loading The Land of Tuberia” message will appear.
You will not lose a life, but Parsnip Pass will be completed.

Find a spot where you want to go up, and jump. While in midair, shoot down as you
are falling. . If done correctly, Keen will be standing about a one shot width off
the ground. Just look up and shoot. You will take off straight up at the speed of
your shot. Note: Some practice is required to get the correct timing.

Press B + A + T to receive an extra life, 99 rounds of ammunition, and all four
diamond keys for a level.

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