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Conan Cheats


Getting an armored helmet:
Submitted by: RM

To get a Horned helmet: when confronted with the Vulture cult for the
first time in the mountains, don’t fight the cultists, instead evade
them and run straight to their pack-mules (horses?) you see in the
distance. There you’ll pick up the Horned Helmet (armor increasing) and,
if not careful, can also be knocked off your feet by the pack-mules
(horses?) kicks.

Atlantean Sword Pieces:
Metalguard – Black Mountains (Hall Of Thousand Icicles). Past the part
with the sparkly ice walls.
Hilt – Fortress of Ghosts (Last of Its Kind). After destroying the
boss, one of the doors unlocked will have the piece.
Blade – Kordava (Marketplace East). Before meeting Zairin’s uncle,
explore the area. A small alley to the side has the piece.
Pommel – Keshan (The Labyrinth Continues). The stage’s loading thumbnail
is the clue. Locate that exact room with the swinging blades.
If you have the area map, the room with the piece is in the
southwest corner.

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