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Contract Jack Cheats

Contract Jack

Cheat Codes:
Update by: PCNGR
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
To enter the cheat codes below you need to be in Talk mode. Normal key
to get there is “T”. Once there just type any of the following:

Code Result
god – invincibility.
kfa – all weopons ammo heath and armor.
health – max health.
armor – max armor.
maphole – finish mission.
guns – all guns.
poltergeist – invisible.
baddaboom – big explosion.
rosebud – snowmobile.
ammo – Full ammunition.
mods – Scopes, silencer and camera zoom.
maphole – Level.
skillz – Get Skillpoints (Level 3-4).
pos – Show Position.
build – Show Version.

Playing with Widescreen Resolutions:
Start Contrackt J.A.C.K.’s launcher and go to OPTIONS.
Copy either the 16:10 or 16:9 line and past it into the command-line:

+screenwidth 1440 +screenheight 900 +fovx 100.38 +fovxinterface 100.38
+fovyuwmax 124 +pvmodelfov 65 +pvmodelaspect 1.439977

+screenwidth 1920 +screenheight 1080 +fovx 106.260208
+fovxinterface 106.260208 +fovyuwmax 124 +pvmodelfov 65
+pvmodelaspect 1.59995

Change the +screenwidth and +screenheight to match your resolution and
check the box next to [x]

Always pass command line arguments to the game.

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