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Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Cheats

Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Medical Record Location Guide:
Written by BlackFruity

Here is a simple guide to finding the Medical Records in Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient.

[ Chapter 1 ] Medical Record Locations [Minor Spoilers]
These section contains the Medical Records as they are found for Chapter 1.
Again, this contains Minor Spoilers. This is not a detailed walkthrough, but does
reveal which rooms in which order you are meant to go, as well as what events may
3 – Left side of the room, on a table.
24 – Immediately exiting starting room, in the bottom-left corner of the short hallway.
12 – After the character calls out for help in a short cutscene, got to the potted
plant and move it.
7 – Following the path around the balcony to the left and then down.
15 – Head North past the save point. Cutscene will occur with the directory, before
finding the Locker Room. Inside this room, on the far right, on a table is this
26 – On the room attached to the Locker Room is the Laundry Room. Move the potted
plant on the North Wall.
18 – Exit Locker Room, following the path right and then down. Located underneath the
stretcher blocking the path.

-=Office and beyond=-
29 – Under the potted plant, left-hand side.
5 – Exit Office’s left-most door and head down then right until you reach the dead end.
It is under the top potted plant.
4 – Head left until you hit a dead end.
2 – Do not go into the stairway, head South. On the top most set of cushions around
a pillar.

-=1st Floor=-
28 – Head South and then left to reach the FEMALE bathroom. Last stall on the right.
25 – In front of you upon entry to the Pharmacy.
14 – Potted plant in the South part of the Lobby.
1 – Top-right most set of seats, in front of the Reception Desk.
6 – Top-right set of bathrooms. Second cubical in the FEMALE bathroom.
30 – Chair facing you as you enter the Entrance Hall.
10 – Underneath the potted plant on the left of the Hall.

After Meeting Ritsuko:
19 – Elevator. Top-left corner.
20 – Around the right-hand corner from the Nurse’s Station (Can be obtained during the
‘Crutch’ scene or when a party of four).
23 – Head North at first intersection in the ducts.
13 – Head North at second intersection in the ducts.
17 – Immediately behind you after leaving the ducts.
27 – Top-half of MRI Room, underneath the stretcher.
9 – Top-half of MRI Room, on the table in the bottom-left corner.
16 – Bottom-half of MRI Room, in front of your character.
21 – Emergency exit upper staircase.
8 – During ‘Big Boy Battle.’
22 – 1st floor, bottom-left MALE bathrooms. In the second cubical.
11 – 1st floor, top-right MALE bathrooms. On the shelf above the urinals.

[ Chapter 1 ] Medical Records – Numerical Order and Info
These section contains Chapter 1’s Medical Records in Numerical Order, with the
patient’s name and reason for admission. This is only for flavour. There are a few
spelling/grammar errors that are directly copied over from the game.

1 – Takahashi Hanada [Ulcerative Colitis]
2 – Touya Beppu [Heart Failure]
3 – Chihiro Yamada [Hyperventilation/Panic Disorder]
4 – Megumi Hanazawa [Chronic Migraines]
5 – Aoi Jonan [Water Intoxication]
6 – Ena Kusunoki [Leukemia]
7 – Yurika Sakamoto [Body Integrity Identity Disorder]
8 – Kazuhisa Iida [Asthma]
9 – Kouichi Momino [Traumatic perforation of ear drum]
10 – Kazuhiro Sugawa [Apathy Syndrome]

11 – Sawako Matsuno [Narcolepsy]
12 – Hinata Morinaga [Parorexia]
13 – Yuusuke Murakami [Diabetes]
14 – Takafumi Takamatsu [Sir Cosmo Syndrome]
15 – Haruka Ibuki [Tetrachromacy.Depression]
16 – Daichi Kiyomura [Leukemia]
17 – Renka Shigure [Post-traumatic stress after head injury]
18 – Tsubame Kitami [Appendicitis]
19 – Chiyo Yukishiro [Asthma]
20 – Sayaka Adachi [Nephrotic Syndrome]

21 – Shunpei Ooyama [Heart Attack]
22 – Minato Misaki [Irritable Bowel Syndrome]
23 – Kanata Tanaka [Aplastic Anemia]
24 – Mio Sunahara [Blood Poisoning]
25 – Shou Tooriyama [Acute Alcohol Poisoning]
26 – Aika Tachibana [Pneumonia]
27 – Shuuta Ino [Hypovolemic Shock]
28 – Tsura Kashima [Cerebral hemorrhage from traffic accident]
29 – Yuudai [Bled Out]
30 – Tsuzura Ameno [Lower Body Paralysis]

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