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Craftopia Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Multiplayer (Coop Working):
Written by ttv.LinkyPoo

-=Fixing Multiplayer
I only got this game for multiplayer. I struggled for a little to get it working.
People who want to get multiplayer working should read this to save yourself trouble.
You must follow this entire thing to get it working – it’s super simple-ish.
I will help you <3. -=Multiplayer Overview The devs have stated multiplayer is definitely in alpha state. The only game breaking thing I have found is that when you your frames will drop to 10-15 FPS. Super easy to fix, run to an open area, save your game, and restart your game completely (that means close it silly). I say run to an open area before quitting because the first time I did this I ended up below the entire world. Thankfully you can swim out from the terrain and play normally again. Cracks fingers to get multiplayer working follow me - only the host needs to do this! You need to port forward. I figured all of this out in like 30 minutes but I had some general knowledge of how to do it before and I'm stubborn as hell (thanks mom!). I know people don't read on the internet so I will say this again - only the host needs to do this! * Run command prompt (windows search "cmd", run Command Prompt) * Type "ipconfig", hit enter * Scroll down till you see the "IPv4 Address" and copy those numbers down (example: - dont close this window yet! * This is your computers IP address and we will use this later, keep this window open and... * Look for the entry "Default Gateway ........ ##############" * You should see a bunch of letters numbers. What is important is the numbers that look like this "" * This is your router's IP address (take a deep breath... exhale... and let's continue...). * Open up your internet browser. * Type your router's IP address in the URL bar (mine is, hit enter. * You will get a warning that says "THIS SITE IS NOT SAFE" ooooOoOOo spooky, not really, click the "more options" at the bottom of that warning and then click "Continue" or "Proceed" * Typical username/password for a router is something like admin/admin or admin/password. * Once you log in, this is where you'll need to click around the menus to find what you are looking for. All routers are different. * You may also need to set the control panel to "Advanced" so you can see "Router Settings" or "Access Control" -- for me, my "Port Forwarding" was under " Access Control" * Add a new rule under "Port Forwarding" that is like so: Give it some name "Omg im doing it mom - Craftopia". External Host: leave this blank. Internal host: this your IPv4 address from #3. Protocol: TCP. External Port: 8787-8790. Internal Port: 8787-8790. And one more time we're going to celebrate! We add another rule... Give it some name "Again? ugh...Craftopia" External Host: leave this blank Internal host: this your IPv4 address from #3 This ones different >>> Protocol: UDP <<< External Port: 8787-8790 Internal Port: 8787-8790 Save / Apply / Whatever.

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