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Crashday Redline Edition Cheats

Crashday Redline Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Use a text editor such as Notepad to edit the “games.dbs” file in
the “Crashday Redline Edition” directory. Change the values of the
“Minigun.Ammo”, “Minigun.ShotsPerSec”, “Minigun.TargetDamageFactor”,
and other lines as desired.

For example:
Minigun.Ammo 999900
Minigun.ShotsPerSec 990

Unlock Career Event:
Ctrl+Shift+Z – Unlock career event

Bonus Cars:
Win the indicated group to unlock the car.

Apachee 200X – Finals Group A.
Bornbad GT90 – Professionals Group B.
Buster GSt – Amateurs Group B.
Firespitter RS – Professionals Group A.
Incubator V12 – The Final Fight.
Ironhorze V8 – Professionals Group B.
Pick’Em’Up V8 – Professionals Group A.
The Wrecker – Finals Group A.

Bonus Weapons:
Win the indicated group to unlock the weapon.

Minigun – Amateurs Group B.
Double Missiles – Professionals Group B.
Single Missiles – Professionals Group A.

Complete the indicated division to unlock the mini-game.

Checkpoint Chase II – Final Division.
Long Jump II – Amateurs Division.
Vehicle Blast II – Professional Division.

How to Change Odometer Color:
Written by SorryCandy447

This guide will be showing you the steps on how you can
change the color of your odometer in Crashday Redline Edition.

-=How Change Color=-
Find the Crashday Config folder.
It will be in C:/users/(user)/Appdata/Local/Crashday/Config

Open that folder, find game.config file and open it using notepad.

Find “OdometerColor”: “0x0000ff00”

0x0000ff00 This is a color in Hex Code.

For example i will change color to RED so i will change code to “OdometerColor”:


BLUE “OdometerColor”: “0x000099FF”
ORANGE “OdometerColor”: “0x00FF9933”
PURPLE “OdometerColor”: “0x009900FF”

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