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CrashMetal Cyberpunk Cheats

CrashMetal Cyberpunk

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to get “Give Back” Achievement:
Written by Tax Evasion Any

This guide contains a quick tip on how to actually achieve the
“Give Back” achievement.

-=What you need to do=-
You might have noticed, that it is virtually impossible to actually drive
backwards for more than a second in this game. So how would you be able to
even achieve to drive 15 km backwards without going crazy?

1. Go onto the map, I got this achievement in Singleplayer, but I don’t
see why it wouldn’t work in Multiplayer.
2. Press Escape and navigate to “Drift Mode”, then enable it.
3. Drive backwards without your car spazzing out.

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