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Craterbound Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Custom Flags and Paintings:
Written by Dan72

How to import custom flags and paintings

Importing custom flags and paintings into Craterbound is a straightforward
process, though you may require administrative privileges.

The images should be placed according to the guide before you start the game,
and then interacting with deployed flags and paintings will cycle through the
defaultimages as well as your new custom ones!

* Navigate to your C: drive in the file explorer.
* Create a new folder called “CustomCraterbound” (caps sensitive).
* Place your custom images in the folder,
named either flag(1-5).jpg or painting(1-5).jpg.
* Flag Supported Resolution: 1920×1011.
* Painting Supported Resolution: 2580×3440.
* Images must be in .jpg format to be loaded.

-=Examples of correct image names=-
* painting1.jpg
* flag2.jpg
* painting5.jpg

-=Examples of incorrect image names=-
* painting1.png
* paintan1.jpg
* flag6.jpg

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