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Cricket 2002 Cheats

Cricket 2002

Cheat Codes:
Update by: crazy_zaheer
Update by:sameen khan
Update by: Tahir Manzoor
Update by: M.Rizwan Afzal
Submitted by: bibin
Update by: Astitva Agarwal
Update by: Jeetu
Email: ag_jeetu@yahoo.co.in

Use the following Steps:
1. Click the INSIDE EA button from the main menu.
2. Place the cursor over the CREDITS button so its hightlighted.
3. Enter the code.

Make sure the cursor doesn’t move (CREDITS stays highlighted) while you
enter the codes. You’ll get a confirmation once the cheat is activated.
Type it again to turn it off:

Code Result
bigbat – Gives you a big bat
sbatsman – Super batsman makes it easy to hit 4s and6s
bouncyball – The ball bounces when you hit it
sharjahtmnt – Unlocks the Sharjah 4 team tournament
butter – The fielders drops the ball a lot
ulockate – Unlocks the All Time england team
hbstudios – Unlocks the HB Studios team
ulockastar – Unlocks the All-star team
ulocknzlsaf – Unlocks All Time New Zealand and South africa teams
fatfielders – Turns all the fielders into portly umppires
ulockall – Unlocks and turns on all the above

Submitted by: Mufaddal

First of all this is a fantastic game, with amazing graphics (if you have
a powerfull computer)and true to life stadiums. The game becomes very easy
if you follow the following tips.

Game Tips:
Submitted by: Mufaddal

1.Just dont try and hit boundaries and sixes all the time because you will
soon see all ur wickets down. The game is very realistic so you must keep
in mind the way real players play.

2.To hit boundaries: You can hit the boundaries on any ball if it is not a
blochold delivery. Hold down default key 8 + spacebar and then the down arrow
key to produce a long on shot. Here the more room you give the more powerful
ur shot will be. use the left arrow key to produce an off side drive. But
if you give too much room for this shot the fielder will have ur ball in his

3.To hit sixes: Do not connect sixes on short pitch deliveries because out of
50 times you will be succesfull only once. I have learnt the most productive
way of hitting a six by using the default key 8 + spacebar and the right arrow
key. here you must be patient. Try and use this shot when the ball is neither
too wide nor too close.

4.Above all ur timing. You must time ur shot well otherwise non of your shots
will yield a high result. Hit your shot when the ball is just about to pitch

5.Use ur head. sometimes the bowler delivers a short pitch delivery and the
ball sways towards the right of the batsmen and goes as wide. You must be
aware of this. If you do not move sideways on the pitch to connect a shot
here the ball will go for 4 wides yielding 5 runs.

* In this way you will easily be able to get 100 runs in 10 overs.

* The only way of knocking ur opponent team off is to bowl block hold deliveries.
* Use this delivery always and and the team wont score more than 20-30 runs.
That`s it for now folks.

Submitted by: Zain Raza

when the game is start the bowler started his runup the u see the circle on
the pitch which indicate u where the bowler gonna pitch the ball when the
bowler is reched near or close to the pitch this circle is small and stick
on 1 place now if the ball is short pitch the sort in my opinion is left
arrow ki + space bar + front foot shot e.g when the circle is shoet press
the left button+spacr bar and hold it then when the ball is throw by the
bowler hit the front foot shot the ball is races towrds the boundry simply
when the batsmen is left handed press left arrow key+spacebar and when the
ball is off towrds u hit front foot shot.and if u want to control the run
of ur against tem or cpu ball yorkers. The ball i bowled to every bats men
is yorker and the can only manage 20 to 30 rund in 10 overs. the field is
change in the game when u see the circle on the pitch hit escape key and
go to field editor and set fiels but the field setup is only come when the
circle is appea!rd so be sensible and be fast to hit esc.
thanx Zain From Karachi

To Win The Toss Always:
Submitted by: Akshay Moghe

Start Clicking the mouse when the coin starts to spin until it stops.
Then You will surely win the toss.

Submitted by: shakeel

I have a funny thing for you.if you want to play in dark ground just go to
folder of cricket2002/data/models/pitch and then copy the pitch folder and
paste it in other partition. then del this folder from data/models/ then you
will able to play in dark grounds and if you want to play again in real
grounds copy the pitch folder again to its destination. enjoy. and if you
want to change ball color simply go to the /data/gfx/ and then open the
folder tex02a and open file ballwhit with paint and color it of ur own
choice.in this way you can change the uniforms of teams.sky any thing.
see you soon.

Submitted by: shreehari

For more information contact at my email. tpshreehari@hotmail.com

I never used to bowl overs. i just clicked autoplay & batted the innings.
Slowly I devoloped bowling habit. I always take india as my team. Now i
know the weaknessess of many teams.

1. The game is very real so the teams which are really weak in playing
spin bowling are weak in playing spin balls in the game like australia,
new zealand, w.indies,england.you can easily get them out restrict
to very small total by appling spinners & bowling full length balls
with lot of spin but not pace.
2. Now asian & africen teams can easily be restricted by bowling
full length balls with a lot of pace.
3. dont keep slips instead keep short cover .always keep a feilder in
leg & off side &keep a feilder in straight.
4. if you are a new bowler then keep leg gully to save runs of wides.

How to win a tournament very easily:
Submitted by: Anchal

Play sharjah or world cup as you play it but when your team is at the bowling,
quit the match and you will see that your team def. other team. It’s a easy
way to win a tournament.

Submitted by: priyank panchal

This is a cheat for all cricket2002 lovers. First step is to go to go in INSIDE
EA SPORTS and then point your cursor on creadits and type following:

Code What it does:
1.butter Filders will drop catches.
2.fatfielders Umpiers will field and ball.
3.sbatsman Player will hit powerful shots.
4.bigbat You will have a big bat.
5.bouncyball Ball will bounce a lot after you hit it.
6.hbstudios Get a new team.

First go to Inside EA sports:
Submitted by: Udhay Korn

Go to Credits without , keep the mouse on it and type SBATSMAN which makes you
hit easy sixes and foursand also BUTTER whick will make the oppostion fielders
drop all the catches.

Submitted by: Thilak Raj Rao
Email: thilak2004@hotmail.com

If you loss the toss don’t get disappointed because even if you loss the toss you
can choose what you want (To bat or bowl). It’s easy!! After losing the toss two
buttons will appear. If you want to do the batting the keep clicking continuously
over bowling button or if you want to do bowling keep clicking batting. Easy isn’t

Submitted by: NISHANT

1.Go to Inside EA
2.Highlight credits but don’t click on it
3.Type in the following codes while credits is still highlighted

Code Effect
ulockastar – All star team
ulockate – All-time england team
ulocknzlsaf – All-time newzealand and south africa teams
bouncyball – Ball bounces when hit (doesn’t roll)
bigbat – Big Bat
sbatsman – Easily hit 4’s and 6’s
fatfielders – Fielders become fat umpires
butter – Fielders can’t catch
hbstudios – HB studios team
sharjahtmnt – Sharjah four team tournament
ulock all – Unlock teams & Stadiums

To get any team out within 20-30 runs in a test match:
Submitted by: sayantan

You can bowl with pace bowlers at the extreme leg stump at good length. and placing
a fielder at forward short leg will make them catch all the nicks produced by the
extremely leg stump attack.this is excellent against right-handers.for left-handers
you will need left-arm pace bowler for best result.and you should keep as many
fielders u can round the leg umpire side.
I even got australia out for a mere 11 runs once. ENJOY

Submitted by: Vijit Dubey

click {inside ea sports}; Keep the mouse still on credits then type:

1. ulockall
2. bigbat
3. sbatsman
4. butter
5. bouncyball
6. fatfielders

Submitted by: Ankur Rastogi

1)To get the “all time time”, go to the “easports” directory on your system,
then go to “data” directory, then to “db” dir, there will be many files with
the extensions as “.ctm” with the different team names , open any one with
notepad, or there will copy the file “AT.ctm” and rename it as any one of
the international teams such as kenya , but before doing so cut or copy the
original file named e.g., kenya in some other directory. Now , restore the
teams in game modes in squads ,play with kenya, you will now have the all
time team ,enjoy.

2)Similarly replace any other team with the file “ATA”. Now, you will have
all time australia.


Submitted by: Udara

Go to Inside Ea Sports and keep your mouse on top of CREDITS.Now make sure the
Caps Lock is off.Then type:
bouncyball = ball bounces more

Submitted by: Pratik & Mayur

In Cricket 2002 open data folder. In gfx folder you can edit various textures in
the game. In captures folder you can replace .bin file by another.
I copied
\Cricket 2002datacapturesfieldercelebrate
\Cricket 2002datacapturesumpireSignalssix.bin
renamining original six.bin for backup so when you pull a six umpire celebrates
with both hands up it may give errors generally in loops but game works fine and
it can be used to make funny things happen.

Submitted By rojansapkota@gmail.com

This is a cheat TO keep our name instead of the players name
e.g for A.Gilchrist we can Keep R.Sapkota in the game.


1. First Start Cricket 2002
2. Go to options then squad and click save teams
3. Exit the Game
4. Then go to my documents and make a backup of easports folder
5. Open the Hex editor in the tools menu of the cheatbook database.
(other hexeditor can also be used)
6. now browse C:Documents and SettingsRojanMy DocumentsEA SportsCricket 2002User
7. There we will find teams.tem file of approx 28 kb – open it
8. We can see Players name starting from Australia
9. Now replace the names with your name (donot use delete or backspace just replace
with words) (dont leave space bettween The names)
10.Save it and Open the game and see
11.To restore the default -replace the existing easports folder with the backup u
made at first

Submitted by: arsh bhathal

Cricket 2002 is a very realistic game.i have a funny things for u.if u want to play
the world cup matches and the test matches in night then go to easports folder then
go to data/models then remove the folder of sky.if u want to play without wickets
then remove the stumps folder.when u also remove stadium folder u will see that the
match is on without stadium.if u want to change the uniform of the team then go to
easports folder then datagfxuniform. open the folder of any team for eg-kenya.
Then open the files with paint. then colour itof ur choice.

Submitted by: arsh bhathal

In cricket2002, if u want to replace ur face instead of a player`s face then this
is very usefull for u. firstly go to cricket 2002 folder then data folder then open
gfx/faces then open the folder of any team for eg-indfaces then u will see many
players faces.open any face with adobephotoshop replace ur face in place of player`s
face and save in PNG file in samefolder.then play the game u will observe that the
face of the player ressemble atleast 60%with u r face.enjoy it.

During Batting:
Submitted by: Rajat Virmani

Wait for the ball to come near you.When the ball is in the air near you hit immediately
a shot that you want.See what happens………. (When the ball’s aim is not on wicket.)

Submitted by: ashwin

If you want to change the name of the player,go to GAME MODES and click SQUADS.
If u want to change names of Indian cricketers,click INDIA.take any player.and
there is his name written,enter any name .after u finish dont forget to save
the teams.by clicking on the SAVE TEAMS option.

Submitted by: dano

If u want to see ur pics in stadiums so open (data) folder then (models) and then
(stadium) folder..open any stadium here u copy and paste ur pics in files like
(ad.1png). or any other file after that u will see the effects u made.

For best performance:
Submitted by:By AIZAZ_UR_RAHMAN( Shaidu, Nowshera )
Email: njwabrothers@yahoo.com

Cheats of Cricket 2002 game:
Just run Cricket 2002 game and keep the mouse cursor on CREDITS ( neither click
nor press Enter ) ant type the following cheats :

butterfly =>( opponents will drop all the cathes )
sbatsman =>( bat will elongate upto half of the pitch )

Easy sixes:
Use the following trick for hitting easy sixes or for one bounce fours. This is
effective in short pitch balls. As soon as the ball gets near, press [Advance Shot]
+ [Power Boost] + your desired direction.

Change bat colour:
Submitted by: Abhijee34

Go to the folder wherever you have installed Cricket 2002, go to the folder ‘data’ and
then go to the folder ‘gfx’ and then open the folder ‘tex02a’ and then open the file
‘bat’ with paint and colour it of your own choice. And then open cricket 2002 and you
will find the colour of bat changed.

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