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Cruise Ship Tycoon Cheats

Cruise Ship Tycoon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Start game as usual. During gameplay enter the following cheats:

Code Result
IAmACheater – Enable Cheat Mode (in some versions: iamcheater)
GameDebug – Enable Game Debug Mode
EngineDebug – Enable Engine Debug Mode
CatDebug – Enable All Debug Modes And Cheat Mode
MovieCapture – Toggle Movie Capture

You can now use the following hotkey combos:

Code Effect
CTRL + SHIFT + F11 – Toggle Wireframe View And Get More Money
CTRL + SHIFT + K – Temporarily Change Weather
CTRL + SHIFT + F8 – Toggle Cull Cam
CTRL + SHIFT + F9 – Show Wire Objects
CTRL + SHIFT + F10 – Show Wire Objects
CTRL + 5 – You Run Out Of Fuel
CTRL + 6 – You Collide With Iceberg
CTRL + 7 – You Collide With Rocks
CTRL + 8 – You Get Lost At Sea With No Way Home
CTRL + 9 – You Become Lunch For A Seamonster
CTRL + 0 – You Ground Your Ship
TAB – Change View To Mmsux Mode

Extra money and any ship:
Select career mode, highlight a ship but do not buy it. Select a course
then select “View Competitors”. Exit the “View Competitors” screen.
Select “Set Sail” and you will have the ship that was selected with $100,000.

Submitted by: Bobby Valentine

First Type: IAmACheater to enable cheats.
Then type CTRL + Shift + *
It will get you lost at sea and you fall off a cliff

Unlimited money:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup
copy of the file before proceeding. This cheat is for money in career
mode. When you create a profile, the game creates a file in the
“cruise shiptycoondataprofiles” folder. The user profile information
is saved as a .ini file. Use a text editor to edit this file,
and find a line similar to:


Change the numbers except for the digits after the decimal to whatever
amount of money desired. For example, for $1,000,000, change the line


Restart the game to have it take effect.

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