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Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury Cheats

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

After opening up the command by pressing the ~ key, enter the following codes to
activate the corresponding cheats:

Result Code
Add or subtract a character’s age – age [char-id] +/-(#)
Add or subtract a character’s learning – add_learning [char-id] +/-(#)
Add or subtract a character’s martial – add_martial [char-id] +/-(#)
Add or subtract a character’s stewardship – add_stewardship [char-id] +/-(#)
Add or subtract a character’s stewardship – add_intrigue [char-id] +/-(#)
Add or subtract a charcter’s diplomacy – add_diplomacy [char-id] +/-(#)
Adds trait to character – add_trait [trait name] [ID]
5000 gold – cash
Causes you to become an observer,
putting you under AI control. – observe
Change your characters culture – culture [enter culture here]
Change your religion – religon [enter sect here]
clears the console screen – clear
kills the character associated with
the ID put in. – kill (character ID)
Lets you marry anyone including close family – marry_anyone
Lets You Set Any Law with no wait or vote – allow_laws
5000 piety – piety
plots are always discovered
(repeat to have to search again) – discover_plots
5000 prestige – prestige
prints the message “No help for you!”,
no other (known) effect – help
Switches your control to the owner of the
ID put in. – play (Probably character ID)
unlock extra character info – charinfo 1
puts prisoner in jailer’s dungeon – imprison [char-id](prisoner) [char-id](jailer)
Impregnates female character by male
character – pollinate female char-id male char-id
Remove arbitrary – event
Remove ill – event 38283
Allows sending diplomacy that will be rejected – neg_diplo

Note: Keep in mind that the console is not accessible in Ironman !

Best event IDs:
First click ~ then enter cheats then click Enter again!

event 20392 – random military tech improves 10%.
event 923 – trigger master builder event for steward.
event 20260 – increase culture advances.
event 75085 – Steward improves economy.
event 926 – trigger great philosopher event for Court Chaplain.
event 927 – become Cathar (religion).
event 20048 – choice between gold and piety.
event 24506 – imprisons random court/vassal individual.
event 20200 – collects special tithe.
event 20000 – increases pope’s opinion.
event 20410 – gives levy reinforcement.
event 20230 – master builder (5%).
event 400 – You become immeaditely pregnant, even if male.
event 64025 – Fall in love with your spouse.
event 64055 – Child has teenage infatuation with courtier.
event 1985 – Removes Homosexual trait (male).
event 1995 – Removes Homosexual trait (female).
event 36005 – Suicide, (also event 26004, event 242).
event 55000 – turns one of your foreign demesnes neighbouring your mainland into your own culture.
event 24504 – Gets your wife pregnant, takes a while to show up, unsure of effect if you use while female.

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