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Cube 2 – Sauerbraten Cheats

Cube 2 – Sauerbraten

Cheat: Double Health:
Submitted by: Razor116

In singleplayer (the only place it works) play any level with an
open space with no enemies at the beginning. This isnt a cheat as
much as it is hacking, but anyway, press E to enter editing mode.

In editing mode, press [F3] or which ever button spawns a new

In default, it should spawn shotgun shells. Press [F4] or whatever
button changes the entity, change it to a health boost upgrade.
Repeat this to spawn any amount of additional health you want as
each upgrade gives you an additional 5 hp to your maximum and it
stays even when you die.

TIP: while in editing mode, your in nockip therefore you can fly
and see through walls so you can see what enemies ahead if you
wish. Keep in mind enemies respawn when you enter and exit editing

Faster Shooting:
Submitted by: JP187

This cheat makes it easier to kill enemies and makes your aim better.
When you are playing, press [F1] to pause. You can still move.
You can then aim, and shoot when you unpause.you can also switch weapons when
you pause.


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