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Curious Expedition 2 Cheats

Curious Expedition 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Beginner’s Tips and Guide:
written by Poxi3

* Fill your party as fast as possible, you can recruit characters on the
boulle castle for free before an expedition. You can also recruit during
an expedition on villages if your standing is 3 or higher, and there are
other locations or random events that let you recruit characters (animal
sanctuary, a frozen character on the cave, pirate ship, hatching eggs or
meteorites, etc).

* If you are recruiting from a village the safest choice is usually an
animal, other characters will have the homesick trait and will try to leave
the party at the end of the expedition. You can avoid this by having good
Blue dice rolls or by raising the character’s loyalty, but if you don’t have
the resources for that you should go for the animal.

* Always have healing items, if any of your characters get injured (it goes
below max hp) every time you travel you have a chance of the character
getting an infection (until it gets back to full hp). Infections will slowly
drain your hp until reaching 0 where the character dies and you lose it
permanently (maybe not so permanent…). There are also some illnesses you
can get from mosquitoes or other events that are deadly, so you should
always start the expedition with first aid kits if possible and trade for
healing items with traders, wishing wells, etc.

* Keep your sanity high. If your sanity goes below 30 you have a much
higher chance of bad events happening, the most common case is when resting,
so try to eat something before resting to get your sanity just above 30.

* Max sanity is op. There are ways to raise your max sanity, it might
not seem very good at first glance since you still need to fill the sanity
gauge, but in my experience, it’s a great improvement, it gives you more
time to get to the next resting point.

* Inventory capacity should be a priority, being able to carry more items
lets you be prepared for any situation, you can carry extra weapons or
trinkets for different events, for example, you can equip a pistol on your
main character and carry a lantern on your inventory and you equip the
lantern when you need to do a search challenge, or maybe carry a machete
for when you need to go through a forest. For these reasons always check
the shady dealer for Pouches, heavy crates, or saddlebags.

* View distance is also really important, being able to plan your route
with information is the best way to be prepared and be efficient with
your movement. For that reason always check the shady dealer for binoculars.

* Hills take a lot of sanities to climb, but they give you a lot of view
distance when standing on that tile, if you are on uncharted territory
it’s usually a good idea to climb a hill to get more map information.

* Overburden only affects you for traveling, If you are standing still
there’s no downside of being overburdened, you can abuse this by equipping
your inventory capacity items just before traveling and then unequipping
them on arrival.

* For example, let’s say you have a Horse with heavy crates equipped and
a saddle on your inventory and you get in range of a fight, you can equip
the saddle and mount the horse for the extra attack dice just for that
fight and then equip back the crates and continue traveling.

* Binoculars work immediately after equipping, so you can also carry the
binoculars in your inventory and just equip them for a second to get a
better view. (and they stack with each other so carrying more than one
is recommended if you
have the space and the characters to equip them).

* Ruins can be deadly, when you enter the ruins you get a hint of the
event that will be triggered if you take the loot. ALWAYS check what
this event is and check the map to see if you have an escape route. The
most deadly one is the “chasm” it advances very quickly and if it reaches
you you will lose a party character, it can also block your path and make
you backtrack to reach your objective. Another that should be mentioned
is the “Silence” one, it might seem like it does nothing at first, but it
removes all NPCs from the map, so you will miss a lot of locations and
events if you take this too early on your expedition. It also starts
spawning abominations from the villages which are really hard fights and
give almost 0 rewards.

* Keep an eye on your character’s loyalty, if it reaches 0 you risk
losing that character at any moment. Promoting characters raises loyalty,
so if you are low on loyalty it might be worth making a non-optimal
promotion just to avoid reaching 0. Also training your characters in the
taishi academy raises the character’s loyalty by 1, it’s a great option
for raising loyalty.

* Tombs can curse your characters if you loot them. Cursed characters will
die at the end of an expedition, so if you don’t have ways to remove
ailments you should probably avoid tombs.

* Scrolls are really powerful, they don’t use inventory space and they
can get you out of really tough spots, so I would recommend choosing the
taishi academy as your sponsor and buying as many scrolls as possible on
the supply ship.

* Pirates are broken, if you get the chance to recruit one do it, and
equip it with a cutlass.

* If you go into the caves torches are a priority, and terraforming items
are also very useful here (dynamite, scrolls, pileaxe, mining saw).

* Green dice are the most valuable, since most of the events (and the most
rewarding ones) use green dice for the check, and blue is the second most
common one, You should have this in mind when choosing your party and their

* A few powerful characters are better than having all mediocre characters.
Since you can use your weak character’s dice to assist the good character’s
attack It’s a good strategy to focus your training on one or two characters
at first. (also the main character usually has better bonuses that scale
with level, and they can’t die or get afflictions, so that should be your
main focus).

* Your main character can’t get infected and can’t get mental afflictions,
so it’s usually a good idea to take the damage with him and volunteer him
for roll events.

* Always trade your unneeded supplies for equipment if possible. Supplies
disappear after the expedition, and they give an insignificant amount of
fame/tickets. Equipment stays after the expedition, and you can sell it
for a low amount of tickets with a shady dealer, or you can use it as
trading material on your next expedition.

* Don’t mess with elephants

* The most common cause of death is greed.

* You can pet the truffle hog in the director’s office.

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