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Cut the Rope – Time Travel HD Cheats

Cut the Rope – Time Travel HD

Submitted by: David K.

To complete a level, each character must get a single Candy – don’t forget to
grab the stars too for a higher rating!
Whenever there’s a bomb on the screen it is a good sign you need to start with
that object and work outwards.
Powerful saws don’t just cut through metal chains, they will cut through everything
they come into contact with – including the Candy itself.
The Telekinesis system – select the lightning icon at the top left-hand corner of
the screen and press your finger behind any object to invisibly push it forward.
Timing’s more important than ever in this new edition of Cut The Rope.
The Freeze button will cause all moving objects to lose their previous momentum.
You might have noticed some new elasticated ropes in Time Travel and they’re usually
attached to moveable switches so the further
you stretch the rope, the more force it will inflict on objects when it’s sliced
and comes into contact with them.

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