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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Cheats

Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:

-=Single player=-
* PRAY 50 times over the course of the game.
* ALL achievements and items in the game can be earned offline.
You DO NOT need to go online to earn anything in the game and there’s
no exclusives items/drops.
* You will not be penalized for dying in a dungeon although your current
prayer will be lost.
* Don’t bother upgrading most of the earlier weapons as the “Sweet Weapons”
are much stronger for most of the game and require no upgrades.
* Sturdy Armor series is worth upgrading and provides good DEF for a good
chunk of the game.
* Non-active party members DO NOT receive EXP.
* Combos are actually important in the game especially when you obtain the
Consecutive and Raging Waves Gems.
* Tetyu Temple is a good spot to level boost early in the game even though
you’re not supposed to actually go there in the story.
* Demon King Jester is a joke if stand a few feet in front of him as he’ll
keep trying to attack and miss with his diagonal fireballs.

* BUY Philosopher’s Stones.
* Multiplayer has its own set of quests which mean you CAN’T play co-op
during story quests.
* Players CAN’T be booted from any room.
* Region-locked.
* Host dies = Instant game over which is why it’s important to BUY
* Potion of Protection DOES NOT work online although there are very rare
instances where it will.
* Mastering or being decent at animation cancelling is a must for high
level play.
* Stat boosting is also a must (permanently increase your HP by 3000
before jumping online to survive longer)
* You earn 0 EXP if you don’t attack a boss at least once.
* A Bosses Aggro Mode can be used to your advantage as they’ll usually
chase 1 player throughout the match.
* Expect level farming to be the norm.
* A room is automatically disbanded if the mission is complete,
the host dies or players within the room.

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