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Cyberia Cheats


Computer passwords:
The password to the computer in one of the rooms in the Cyberia
Complex is “EINSTEIN”. At the number code pad,also in the Cyberia
Complex, press the buttons “2571”.

The password to access the computer is “einstein”.
To disable the bomb on the TF-22 :

First push the button next to the on/off button. Then fiddle with
the other buttons bearing in mind that some are compression
springs and some are expansion springs.
Be sure to check along the length of the rod to ensure that when
you push a button, you dont let the detonation rod push into the
detonator (Its an expansion spring) once you have pushed all the
buttons in the correct order the screen will change back to the
underside of the TF-22 (you dont have to push the On/Off button
at all or the ship will explode)

When destroying the mutants in the Cyberia Complex. You must
destroy all of the mutants. If some get past you you may press
ENTER and this will send a shock wave to get past them.
while playing the game, type “greer” to be invisible so the enemies
can not hit you.

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