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Dangerous Madness Cheats

Dangerous Madness

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Jack Lackenby

Go to “Options” Mode then click Hacking/Coding.
Then you can use the following Codes.

Result Code
unbreakable – willis
unlimited bullet time – newyorkminute
unlimited ammo – FLCL
4x strength – arnold
super speed – gump
laser guide – guide
super jump – hop
all enemies have explosives – apollo
extended reach – armstrong
spawn with minigun – minnie
this cheat lets you duel-weild two pistols – nbbftl

How touse a mini gun and shoot with touching the mouse once:
Submitted by: garrett

Hold the “Shoot button” and click the right clicker at the same
time then let go.

Shoot Without Holding The Mouse Button:
Submitted by: AnonamousHelper

To do this simply hold the mouse button to begin shooting, lead the mouse off the game
screen, take your finger off the mouse button, and move the mouse back on the game screen.
(This may only work for automatic guns)

How to make a automatic gun silent:
Submitted by: pman5634

You shoot your gun and drag it of the screen put the mouse back on the screen and press
pause then click resume and all guns are silent.

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