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Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil Cheats

Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Ball Locations:
By MarcusSparkus

Here are all ball locations guide for you.

-=All Ball Locations=-
1.right when you exit the tunnel from the girls bathroom (turn around completely
and it should be on a ledge on the ground to the left)
2.opposite the iron bars of the cell
3.one step before the “three urns small lake room”
4.near the unknown chamber blocked path, turn around when facing it (i think)
5.entrance to the Light room

-=Key Features=-
* Explore the old abandoned Harwood House after dark.
* Use Ghost Hunting gadgets to discover supernatural activity,
‘see’ into the past, and hear the dead.
* Experience flashbacks to the past through Time Slips.
* Conduct paranormal investigations using a range of investigation methods.
* Use Dictaphone EVP recordings, Night Vision camera, EMF Detectors and a
Thermal cam to help pinpoint phenomena.
* Communicate with ghosts via a Ouijaboard.
* Set up Trigger Object and watch for activity.
* Follow ghostly clues heard via the Ghost Box.
* Reveal paranormal phenomina with Night Vision or Thermal cameras.
* Use detective skills to uncover secret places and learn long lost secrets.
* Challenge the mind by solving puzzles and enigmas.
* Full cast of actors & sound to bring the haunted location to spooky life!
* Monitor CCTV cameras set up across the location, to watch for supernatural
* Investigate both historic and recent hauntings at Harwood House.
* A cast of ghosts to discover and ghost hunting companions to remotely interact
with during your Ghost Hunts.

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