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Dark Reign 2 Cheats

Dark Reign 2

Play Any Mission:
In the properties of the shortcut to Dark Reign 2, add the following in the
area that says “Target”:

-cmd:”gamegod.studiomode 1;sys.runcode studio”
Example: C:Gamesdreign2dr2.exe -cmd:”gamegod.studiomode 1;sys.runcode studio”

Start the game and click the tools button on the lower right of the screen.
Select “load” in the menu that follows. From there you can select which campaign
you want and select the mission. Then, once it loads, click Tools, Play Mission
and you can play it. Doing this you can even see the cinimatics and how they make
them too.

* Never underestimate the power of artillery in deciding a battle. With proper
spotter support, artillery can wreak havoc on an enemy base in little time.

* Build a variety of defenses to guard against both ground and air attacks.
Nothing ruins your day like watching a sole air unit destroy a building by
itself because you’ve got nothing that can shoot it down.

* Always explore the map as quickly as possible, locate where the resources and
strategic choke points are, and then defend them. Don’t let the enemy build up

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