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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Cheats

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to get more orbs from the Piglets in Majula:
If you keep on slaughtering the pigs for about twenty times, they will
finally transform into Big Boars. These big boars when killed successfully,
again twenty times, will in-turn transform into larger boars with deadly
fangs. These huge boars with fangs will drop three red orbs each. You can
lure one of them to the Brightstone cathedral, and get the Pickaxe. Or let
him follow you to the mining/hollow camp after the Doors of Pharros and
dig for the axe. The sad part of this process is that you can kill the
piglets, which transform into boars which again turn into boars with fangs,
only once in the game. The boars will not respawn again. After killing the
boars with fangs you need to look for others ways to get more red orbs.
You can get these orbs in many other ways too, like buying it from
Brotherhood of Blood for five thousand souls each or by killing the fire

Vendrick’s Blessing and True King’s Crown:
Obtain the “Crown Of The Sunken King”, “Crown Of The Old Iron King”, and
“Crown Of The Ivory King” from their respective DLCs. Then, enter the Memory
Of The King, using the following steps. Open the gates at the Shrine Of
Winter, and enter Drangleic Castle. Uncover the hollowed King Vendrick in
the Undead Crypt, get the King’s Ring, and enter Aldia’s Keep. Reach the
Ancient Dragon, and obtain the Ashen Mist Heart. Interact with King Vendrick’s
armor in the chamber at the end of the Undead Crypt to enter the Memory Of The
King. Talk to King Vendrick, and for each DLC crown obtained, there will be a
specific dialog. If all three have been obtained, each of the crowns will be
given a new effect after a short cutscene. While equipped, death no longer
results in a hollow, and you cannot be cursed. If you have also defeated King
Vendrick and obtained the King’s Crown along with the three DLC crowns, it
will be upgraded to a new version, named the “True King’s Crown”.

Secret Dragon Memory:
Towards the end of the game, you will have to travel to the Dragon Shrine to
obtain the Ashen Mist Heart from the Ancient Dragon. The Ashen Mist Heart allows
you to travel into the dark memories of the past. You can use the key on hollowed
giants in the Forest Of Fallen Giants. You must fight the Giant Lord by entering
one of these memories to proceed. However, there is also a secret place to use
the Ashen Mist Heart. After obtaining the Ashen Mist Heart, travel to the Duke’s
Dear Freja arena, and a new crystal will appear under the hollowed dragon.
Interact with it to enter the Dragon Memory. You will be taken to an arid
wasteland resembling the dragon battleground described in the original Dark
Souls. Interact with the ancient dragon’s corpse to acquire an Ancient Dragon Soul.

Secret Darklurker Boss fight:
The optional Darklurker secret Boss is found in the Dark Chasm Of Old, past a
series of extremely challenging enemies. To enter the Dark Chasm Of Old and
fight the Darklurker, you must join the “Pilgrims Of Dark” covenant and reach
Rank 2. Complete the listed requirements under the “Joining covenants and
rewards” information below. Once you have opened the gate to the Dark Chasm Of
Old, you need to reach and defeat a series of enemies in three sections in the
area. Defeat the enemies in each section, and light the sconce at the end with
your torch. Light all three braziers and speak with Grandahl to activate the
elevator leading to the Darklurker. Note: If you die in the Abyss, you must offer
a Human Effigy to Grandahl to re-open the portal. When you are Rank 2 in the
covenant, the elevator inside the Dark Chasm Of Old will activate. Travel
through the Drangleic Castle portal to reach it.

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