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Dark Sun – Wake of the Ravanger Cheats

Dark Sun – Wake of the Ravanger

Cheat Codes:
To use any of the codes you must start the game with the command -k911
simply add the -k911 command after the startup command dsun like this:

dsun -k911

Note: do not use ravager to start the game you must use dsun followed
by the cheet commands. The following are other comand line parameters
used after the -k911.

For example: dsun -k911 -s -p -m -a

-s – Will start you out with all of the spells
-p – will start you out with all of the psyonics
-m – no music
-a – no intro

The following is a list of keys to hit durring the game:

Code Effect
T – raise the level of the entire party by one
t – raise the level of one character during his turn in combat
m/M – memorize all of the spells
Alt F2 – god party (invincibility?)
Alt F4 – spellcasters memorize all spells

Key To The Chains:
For Jungle Quest’s step 13 (freeing the sultan’s daughter), you can
also threaten to hex the giant. He will say something about not wanting
anything to do with evil wizards and give you the key to the chains.

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