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Daylight Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret Glowstick Picture:
Travel to the Warehouse chapter of Daylight to find this strange hidden picture.
The second section of the chapter puts the heroine inside a randomly generated
storage house filled with metal cabinets and discarded boxes. Moving through
this area, you’ll eventually reach a scripted event. Fire swirls down an aisle
as a ghost appears in the distance. The hidden picture is on the racks to your

Step toward the strange empty picture frame and shine a glowstick over it. Only
the glowstick will work. Illuminating the frame will reveal a hidden image in
the light. Make sure you’re standing in front of the frame with the glowstick

The frame is hard to miss, it’s down the main path after a scripted sequence.
You might even unlock the trophy without even looking at the frame itself.

Easy “Visionary” achievement:
In the “Warehouse” chapter, proceed to the second section of the chapter where
you are inside a randomly generated storage house. Immediately after the scripted
event where fire and a ghost appear, there will be a hidden picture on the shelves
to your right, a few steps forward after the scripted sequence ends. Stand next to
the empty picture frame, and shine a glowstick over it to reveal a hidden image of
a man with his eyes scratched out and get the “Visionary” achievement.

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