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Death Crown Cheats

Death Crown

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Gameplay Tips & Tricks:
Written by Outthere

Alright so I saw some people complaining that it was too difficult. It’s actually
just right. I had to play most of the boss levels 5+ times before I’d refined my
strategy into a winning one. So be patient and let the game frustrate you — you’ll
be happier when you figure it out. I’m not gonna write this in any particular order,
just things that work:

You might think that building a mine first is the best move — and it usually is —
but another person suggested building a graveyard and targeting the enemy castle(s)
to get them to build a hasty tower. That’s a good strategy sometimes. It’s less about
getting the enemy to spend money than getting them to occupy an important space with
useless tower
You must get good at destroying towers. There are no controls explained so it took
me a minute to figure out you can even do it. You put your cursor over a tower and
then press its corresponding key again. It is VERY important to do this. One of the
best strategies I found was build a watchtower, build a second watchtower, then
destroy the first watchtower and replace it with a graveyard. This allows you to
advance your offense while always keeping your graveyards protected.
Another critical strategy is to destroy watchtowers when they are at 1 health. This
is a cost-saving technique that is necessary to win. For example, in the level where
you’re in the middle and being attacked from either side, I had to keep one side
plugged with 2 watchtowers the entire battle while I focused my offense on the other
side. If I did not destroy and then rebuild watchtowers in that battle I would not
have had enough money.
Usually the best way to win is build a solid base of mines and then race the AI to
the crystals using the watchtower/graveyard technique.
One graveyard can go a long way. In the early game, consider switching targets
frequently to scatter the enemy and get them to build many defenses. This allows
one graveyard to do much more than would be expected. This is more pronounced with
three or so graveyards, where you need to keep the targets updated or else they
will all go to sleep and waste time.
Learn to recognize “safe” hexes. Usually you can figure out where you’re “meant”
to place your mines and you should do so. Same with watchtowers — some places are
just more defensible than others. As you capture territory, you get more safe hexes
and defensible hexes. Sometimes you need the money and placing a mine there is a
good idea, but not always.
The early game is critical. If the AI outpaces you, you usually lose. If you
outpace the AI in the early game, you usually win. Don’t spend too much time on
mines if you can’t afford to.

-=Advice for Specific Levels=-
I think the creators did a really good job at making each level require inventing
a new strategy. Some are less obvious than others.

For the boss that steals your towers, you MUST destroy them first. If he captures
like, any of them you’re toast. So pay attention. You see the eye first at the
castle and then again over your tower before it’s stolen. Don’t miss it.
For the level where you’re in the middle and being attacked from either end (I
think it’s in the lower left/center of the map), which I had a lot of trouble
with, try building 1 mine in a safe spot and then building 3 graveyards in a
triangle capturing 2 of the 4 crystals. This trio is strong enough to take down
their defenses midgame. Just push offense really hard after that. Make sure to
defend your weak side with watchtowers (but not graveyards — you don’t have the
money to spare).
For the blacksmith boss, basically build a ton of mines and then push the crystal
aggressively. He’s gonna get a crystal for sure, so you need to beat him to it
and then keep up constant pressure. Use the watchtower/graveyard advance technique.

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