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Death to Spies Gold Edition Cheats

Death to Spies Gold Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enable the console by adding -console to the “target” field (in “properties”) of your game
shortcut and start game (e.g. if the “target” line is “C:Program FilesNobilisDeath to
SpiesDeath to Spies.exe” Then add -console at the end (including the space) Press ` to bring
up console Type the following (including quotes):

Effect Code
camouflage – the character will appear disguised to enemies.
disable AI – does just that.
invisible – turn the character invisible.
L_CreateItem weapon.k98 – german battle rifle.
L_CreateItem weapon.k98Sniper – german sniper rifle.
L_CreateItem weapon.Luger – german pistol.
L_CreateItem weapon.Mp40 – german smg.
L_CreateItem weapon.ppsh – soviet smg.
L_CreateItem weapon.walter – german pistol.
OpenLevels – Access all levels.
PL_RestorePos – Load your game.
PL_SavePos – Save your game.
setv cl_superman 0 – disable God Mode.
setv cl_superman 1 – God Mode.
setv c_noammo 1 – disable infinite ammo.
setv c_noammo 1 – Infinite ammo.
silence – make the character’s movement silent.

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