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DeathDrome Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Enter each code to skip to that level:

Password Level
2REVOLT – The Abyss
3ACCUSED – The Outpost
SHORT4TIME – Citadel
5GETAWAYS – The Inferno
BOLT6DOWN – The Wall
ARREST7 – The Spike
LASTMEAL8 – Purgatory

Wall crawling:
Begin game play in The Inferno level. Once in the blue key
room, locate the ledge on the side with the missile. Approach
the wall slowly go down the ledge, For best results, allow
the car go down by itself. You should fall through the ground,
and end up inside the wall. You may move around and shoot
people with all the weapons with the added protection of the
wall. With practice, you can go to every room.
Note: You can be hit with a shockwave or disruptor.

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