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Decksplash Free Week Cheats

Decksplash Free Week

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Guide:
Written by Jacomo223

A very quick guide designed to help new players understand the game
mechanics, as well as some handy tips.

A controller is highly recommended – my scores shot up from 20k combos
to 200k combos once I switched.

Like in real skateboarding, you have many basic fliptricks you can do:
kickflips, heelflips, impossibles, pop shove-its. The trick is making
sure you land with the board the correct way up if you try to combine
multiple directions of board movement, so here’s a few tips:

If your board is tilted left or right, use the bumpers to angle the
board correctly. Otherwise, you can at least get a landing by using the
analogue stick: just make sure you don’t bail, because then you get
nothing at all!

If you want to try and build a combo, angle your board so that you
land with 1 set of wheels before the other and hold X: this will start
a manual and, if timed correctly, will be prefect which gives a slight
speed boost.

Don’t be afraid of starting a grind (Hold X near a rail) if your board
is upside down! It’s known as darksliding in real life, and if gives
you chance to right your board afterwards when you jump off.

When landing a combo, aim for a perfect landing as you will get a nice
2x multiplier to your score.

-=Game Flow=-
Now, on to the game flow
Supprisingly, quite a few people don’t seem to understand the aim of
the game: Cover the map in your team’s colour by landing combos, with
larger combos spreading more paint.

If your team covers the majority of the map in your team colour, your
timer will start to count down. When it reaches 0, you will win.

Here’s a few tips on achieving that victory:

* The landing zone is barely neccessary in most cases as very few people
manage to land a meaningful combo in it, so try not to be distracted
by it too much.
* You win the game through area control, so look for areas of the map
with little to no paint and land a decent sized combo there to help
your team keep/gain control.
* Lots of smaller combos/single tricks (2k points) are nowhere near as
effective as larger combos (40k points). Even just getting up to a
10x combo can give a large splash radius.

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