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Deer Avenger Cheats

Deer Avenger

Tip 1
Use the bazooka for the easiest shots.

Tip 2
Use the map to look for signs of hunters- beer cans,
tree carvings, and so on. If you don’t see anything,
keep searching.

Tip 3
By pressing the SHIFT-key and clicking fart on the
game screen will make a hunter appear

Submitted by CCarter778

Spawn a hunter:
Hold [Left Shift] and select the “Fart” option during
game play. Alternately, press [Left Shift] + [Right Alt]
+ [F8] while not holding weapon.

Bullet time:
Press [Shift] + B + T.

Good hunting location:
When you get on the map, it will show a tree where the clues usually
are located. Click next to where you are at the time, and it will
always be a good place to hunt.

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