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Demolition Derby Cheats

Demolition Derby

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: jagrut

First press [Shift]+[Crl]+[Alt] keys then enter any of the cheats.

Cheat Function
birdees – your car will fly
demondrive – full speed
ghoosh – all cars flies
mugfrew – oponent cars blasts
fromyoutome – you will win the champio

All tracks:
Submitted by: conner54

To unlock all tracks open and edit the file “settings.plr” file in the
folder: “/game/demoderby/playerdata/player/” and change in 4th line:


Killer hearse:
Use a text editor to edit the “class16.veh” file in the folder:

Find the “[DAMAGE]” heading. Under this are some values. Change these
values so they look like: (2000.0).

Start the game, go to the nationals, and choose the black hearse.
Note: Sometimes in the nationals you may be up against another hearse.

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